DivX Certificate: Blu-ray can do More

With the format war against HD-DVD over and won, the Blu-ray camp can now concentrate on offering their customers a better product. An announcement on the official DivX site has helped to further this hope: more and more Blu-ray players are learning how to play the DivX format. Which makes the Blu-ray medium much more attractive for the many users who have private films and videos saved in the beloved codec.

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decapitator3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Good to hear. Am waiting to see what they can do with it in the new BD players.

Massacre3539d ago

My sources tell me the marketing for GTAIV will be HUGE. Sony will have something special to announce around that time so you just sit tight and wait.

shine13963539d ago

I can't believe I'm actually asking ask this question: are you for real?

HarryEtTubMan3539d ago


killer_trap3539d ago

you've been laughing to much lately. lol