Game Informer April Cover: Alpha Protocal - From creators of Fallout & Torment

If you love RPGs but are tired of swinging swords or slogging around in spacesuits, you're in luck. Obsidian Entertainment is drawing on its Fallout and Planescape: Torment roots with its new espionage-based game Alpha Protocol. Drawing on the three J.B.s for inspiration-Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne and James Bond-the developers are giving players plenty of different ways to tackle problems. You can rely on brute force, stealth or gadgets to accomplish missions, and also navigate through a nuanced conversation system.

A modern-day espionage thriller that will change the way you think about Role-Playing Games.

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MK_Red3902d ago

Cover is not so hot but hopefully the game is.
Fallout and Planescape Torment roots!?!? Since you put it that way, I'm IN.

solar3902d ago

holy crap that is one ugly ass cover. at least this will lesson the shock when i open my mailbox and see it lying inside.

MK_Red3902d ago

lol, true.
I seriously don't understand how could they come up with something this generic and weak for such a promising game. Hopefully the game is nothing like this.

[email protected]3902d ago

The cover is just bland for me... but seriously the game look promising.