Valkyria Chronicles - New trailer and screenshots

Sega presents the veteran soldier, Largo Potter, with a new Valkyria Chronicles trailer and screenshots.

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[email protected]3723d ago

One day purchase for me. I hope the VA on English surpass my expectations but alas the game may include the Japanese tracts of the VA if the English one just fall apart(mostly it will)^__^

Darthdad3723d ago

Wow, this looks really good. Unfortunately I can't read Spanish, and I don't understand Japanese. Has anyone got the 'LOWDOWN' on this game?

[email protected]3722d ago

That's not Spanish my friend that language's Portuguese. I can easily identifies them lol ^__^

dayday3723d ago

A U.S. release date for this?

I have been following this game for the past month.

deeznuts3723d ago

no firm release date, just Q3 from what i recall.

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