'Take Two shares will plummet without us,' warns Riccitiello

EA boss says stock price will reach 'scary' levels if his firm pulls out of acquisitive bid.

CEO of Electronic Arts John Riccitiello has cautioned Take Two's Board against trying to dissuade its stakeholders from accepting EA's 'hostile' offer for the firm – warning that the move will have a devastating effect on the publisher's shares.

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Maldread3689d ago

But their game quality will do the same if EA get`s their way.

BlackIceJoe3689d ago

I was right about to post the same thing just a little different on the wording.

Maldread3688d ago

Well... great minds think the same ;)

Hmm... i see someone at EA or Jack Thompson disagreed. As did someone at the fact that you were going to post something similar. I don`t get this site sometimes hehe ;) Cool Vader avatar by the way :)

RecSpec3689d ago

EA was not going to back down, now they are launching a full scale assault.

TruthBTold3689d ago

but thats normal because there is an interest in the company that wasnt there before. If EA pulls back then obviously that interest will start to fade away and the prices will go down because that interest or demand will be gone. But guess what will spike up the interest in TT? a little game called GTAIV. Thats how economy works. They are just trying to scare investors into seling as fast as possible before EA would have to pay up even more money.

i Shank u3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

how are they in bad shape with GTA 4 coming out so soon? Bioshock did well for them also, ehhhh i dont get it. EA is a bunch of cokkblocks

Mr_Kuwabara3689d ago

That's not how stocks work my friend.

i Shank u3688d ago

i mean....i understand how their stock has been down in recent memory, alot if not most of it has to do with inside fighting and legal actions against their games......but its not like they've been putting out crap, and the prospect of GTA 4 selling out big on two systems and Midnight Club coming out later this year (their 2nd most popular franchise behind GTA) doesn't look as dark as EA wants people to think. EA wants to paint a grim picture and aquire them while they're down before their games start selling.... bunch of cokkblocks at EA

tonsoffun3689d ago

All they need to do is hold on until GTA is released 0 then thier stock will skyrocket - EA knows this and they are trying to force the issue before they have to pay through the nose for them.

The only thing I worry about is ROCKSTAR- are they a part of the deal? I heard that the deal does not include them, but does this incude the GTA universe? Concieveably, if RS walks, then they could be without the GTA Ip.

GTA without RS just isn't right.

pwnsause3689d ago

Take Two owns the GTA IP, but Doesnt own Rockstar. GTA will be effected since Take Two Owns it, which basically will be owned by EA, but Rockstar wont because they are not owned by Take Two. If they want to, they can join in EA, which will be the worse thing ever.

poopface13689d ago

I hope Rstar goes off and creates a similiar game that isnt gTA and then everyone will buy it and leave EAs GTA5 collecting dust on the shelves.

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The story is too old to be commented.