Tekken 6 Not Coming To Arcades In U.S.?

The arcade version of Tekken 6 is apparently not coming to the U.S. While the game is will be arriving to consoles everywhere in the U.S. of fighting juggernauts, it seems that the American arcade version is a no-no. Tekken fansite SD Tekken along with Arcade Renaissance manages to have us convinced with reasons on why American arcades won't see the light of day with Tekken 6. The reason? The American arcade is dead! The American arcade is a lie! Well, in all seriousness simply because Namco USA no longer has an arcade division. Couple that with faltering support–and wham: you get no effort on Namco's part in the U.S. for arcade! Nevertheless, there appears to be more than one arcade in Texas where we can all meet up to play Tekken 6 at an arcade, and more than 8 arcades near the Canadian border. What if we couldn't all make it to these locations? Instead, just wait for it to come out on consoles and sit tight!

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killer_trap3719d ago

the only place where arcades are still kicking is in japan so it's not so surprising. and with tekken going online you really don't have to go anywhere to prove how good you are. it only took 5 games to know how weak my tekken skills are on ps3. but i play a mean game of street fighter.

sonarus3719d ago

what is all this talk about coming out on consoleS. only one console i know of getting this. PS3

mighty_douche3719d ago

Can't wait for this to grace my PS3. I love Tekken, I believe it's highly under rated because is doesnt have the best visuals, but there is so much depth to the fighting systems that after years of gameplay I'm still learning!

kewlkat0073719d ago

Arcades in the U.S are just about DEAD.

I think there is a certain "feel" you have at the Arcades you just cannot get from playing a game Online at home on consoles. I would revive the Arcade scene. The problem is Arcades need to Evolve and they never did with the times. I wish I had loads of money.

You used to be able to bring a "Date" to the arcades and play all types of games..I guess we will have "HOME"

Anyhow I'll get this for the PS3 barring any setbacks.

parkesy783719d ago

Im a technician and work for namco station in trafford centre manchester england we have had tekken 6 for about a month now it is actually running on a modified ps3 boots from ps3 xmb when switched on so should be an arcade perfect port when it arrives on ps3

jinn3719d ago

this will mess up the tradition