360 bundle madness grips retail

Multiple retailers are offering Xbox 360 bundle deals to coincide with the today's price drop.

Several of these offers are promoted in today's Metro newspaper, which includes deals from Zavvi, Argos and Blockbuster.

Zavvi is offering an Xbox 360 pro, with copies of Assassin's Creed, Lost Odyssey and Halo 3, for just £210.

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Ghoul3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

sorry but i cant find that offer anywhere ?

i mean the recent price cut really makes the 360 affordable but it feels like a panic move by ms to stop sonys momentum

ceedubya93752d ago

we have to call every price cut/sku change that both companies have done so far panic moves. These companies do everything they can in order to be competitive. Its just business as usual, and I doubt no one will complain.

romaink3751d ago

do you even know what you're talking about? so what do you suggest..?
no price drop? how many times has sony dropped the price on their console? and they're a year behind MS.

kewlkat0073751d ago

a business course and learn about strategies. Especially in the console industry and you'll see this is nothing new.

Last gen there wasn't much SKU's but this Gen is different in terms of pricing and affordability. Of course there has been more pressure on Sony to lower it's prices, Nintendo stays put and MS reacts.

sonarus3751d ago

lol you are both right. The main purpose of the price cut is to slow sony's momentum and cap on some casual gamers who would buy the arcade 360 out of naivety.I don't know the impact the price drop has had but 360 has been creeping up the sales charts. though it is not an official data source, it is however a decent point of reference. Ps3 currently sits at number 12 on amazon while 360 sits at number 25. Though it has been climbing and prob will still be climbing, however during ps3 price cut ps3 was at number 1 by now. The fact that 360 was already cheaper, i expect their increase in sales to be marginal. Sony though should also drop price so they don't lose their momentum

jiinn3751d ago

" mean the recent price cut really makes the 360 affordable but it feels like a panic move by ms to stop sonys momentum"

When Sony was ripping out hardware and cutting prices did you think it was a "panic move"?

This is a price cut. They all cut price. Not panic.

Does the MGS4 PS3 bundle -- giving away the most anticipated PS3 game -- not seem a little "desperate" or "paniced" to you?

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dale13752d ago

theres loads of offers but little customers

CrazzyMan3751d ago

But great bundles overall. =)

Bnet3433751d ago

Sony was there at one point.

Truplaya3752d ago

That's a really good deal. I dont see it as a panic move, natural price drops always happen in a product's lifecycle to keep it selling. Once the PS3 has been out for over 2 years you'll see the price dropping on that too.

At least they didnt take out backwards compatibility, USb ports and a bit of hard drive space to get the price drops in ;)

shine13963752d ago

I think your a bit confused. Sony dropped the prices on all sku's just like microsoft. sony came up with 40g, stripped down console, just like arcade is stripped down. thing is, industry's come out and said that for next gen games the arcade sku without the harddrive is criminally bad move. i.e. burnout paradise can't be played online. I would have gone to buy the arcade except you don't have the harddrive as standard...

jiinn3751d ago


There is *one* game that requires an HD for online play.

And, every Arcade/Core owner can *add* the HDD if he chooses.

Can backwards compatibility be added after the fact? How about the multi-card reader? or the missing USB ports?

People like *CHOICE*. I like choice. There are people who dont play online. There are people who dont have broadband. There are people who dont want their kids online. There are people who only want to play a small number of games.

How many people do you think own only Madden or a shooter and play with friends? There are many.

The Arcade is *PERFECT* for those people.

TheMART3751d ago

@ shine1396

There is only ONE game, Burnout Paradise, that suffers of having no HDD.

And it CAN go online, it only doesn't have all the online possibilities.

So all those other hundreds of games do work online. For 199 Euro you can't go wrong if you want to game cheap and the quality of the graphics still equal or in 95% of all multiplatform games look better then on a 400 Euro PS3.

That must hurt.

rawg3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

In fact, the USB ports and card readers can easily be added. The PS3 will work with any USB hub or card reader. They run about $10-$20 online if you want one.

If BC is a deal breaker (and you don't already have a PS2) go buy a PS2 for $129 at amazon. You can probably get a used one for even cheaper.

And just for comparison the 20GB HDD for the X360 is $89, which is a pretty good deal but the 120GB HDD is a ripoff at $179.

nsky1713751d ago


People like *CHOICE*. I like choices too

But every choice comes with a price, which for xbox 360 is pretty damd expensive.

It's like buying a Meal from McDonald's. I go in and order the MEAL I want, enjoy my Lunch and leave. I don't go in and buy a burger, a drink,, and then come back for fries later.

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Blakzhuk3752d ago

The only bundle that matters is pictured here:

It's probably bs though.

The Closing3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Correction. This is the only bundle that matters:

This unstoppable force will be in scores of homes come June 12.

jiinn3751d ago

@4.1 The sales for the MGS series arent exactly stellar you know.

The highest seller was MGS2:SoL at 5.56Million & MGS1 @ 5.59

Gears sold 5.04m as a *launch* title. Halo 3 sold 7.41 when the install base was about 1/4 of the PS2 base.

I'll wager anyone on this site that Gears of War 2 outsells every PS3 exclusive in 2008. That will represent what *gamers* choose.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence 7.52 0.47m
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance 7.11 0.16m
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 7.80 3.96m
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 7.82 5.56m
Metal Gear Solid 1: 7.79 5.59m

(title - score - sales)

The Closing3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Gears will definitely sell really well, and it's a great game to boot. But saying, Sales for mgs isn't stellar? Thats some flatout BS especially considering the average of games that sale well.

Spydr073751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I won't bother with the sales because I won't say any of the games ever sold 10 million. But along with that, sales aren't exactly indicative of quality. I will say that your review score listings for Metal Gear games seem bias across the board. Here's some delicious linky goodieness for you, Mr. Fanboy: and if you don't like metacritic,
Unless you're talking a handheld and not a Sony console, no Metal Gear game had a AVERAGE score below 8. It's a well made game, much like Gears/Bioshock are. No need to ignorantly change things to fit a fanboy's viewpoint. At least paint a clear picture and try basing your argument off of fact, not fiction. It helps your credibility. :)

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Truplaya3752d ago

the GTA4 bundle is bound to happen, but that look like a photoshop job

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