Sony gloat after February sales win reports that with yesterday's news of the PS3 once again beating the Xbox 360 in the hardware sales race it's given Sony the perfect opportunity to have a good old gloat. Enter CEO of SCEA Jack Tretton to start showing off.

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killer_trap3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

well they've earned the right to gloat this time, lets see if they can keep it up. with the 360 price cut in Europe and the suspicious shortages over now things will be interesting in march.

Jeanne3754d ago

There is no gloating. That is just stupid kotaku sour grapes fanboy spin.

"Consumers are recognizing the tremendous value of PS3 and we believe that Blu-ray becoming the high-def format of choice was the tipping point for many consumers. With monster titles like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Grand Theft Auto IV launching in April and Metal Gear Solid 4 in June, we're demonstrating this is the year for PS3," said Tretton.

Marceles3754d ago

Yeah's funny how when MS claims to have the best console game library of all time it's just a simple statement, but when Sony celebrates a little bit, there's a million stories called "Sony's head getting too big? Sony gloating?".

Iamback3754d ago

Poor Kotaku xbots, they are very sad because of this
they make me sick, look at picture they choose.

Cartesian3D3754d ago

.. :P .. dont take that serious .. its just a joke..

and @1 BUT MS said they had supply issues ? even with price cut they cant ship more than now? ..

after MGS bundle from sony they will need another price drop ...

Ilinx3754d ago

Interesting that despite having five of the top ten games for the month that Microsoft didn't shift that many consoles. These stock shortage might account for it I suppose, but having a shortage of stock seems an odd time to slash prices off them. As far as I recall, the supply and demand curve doesn't work that way.

Well whatever. Mostly it seems strange that Microsoft jumped the gun on the GTA IV launch, when you;d think it would be gunning for a whitewash combining the lure of extra DLC content with a price cut.

Neurotoxin3754d ago

They may gloat now but with the price drop announced for today i can see the 360 going full steam ahead for the next few months.

MURKERR3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

360 has always been the cheaper console

consumers are aware you get what you pay for, for £40 pounds more you get ,bluray movie playback,bluray games,web browsing,rechargeable controllers,psp connectivity,free online,7 connectable controllers at once,wi-fi

and lets not forget the exclusives this year which are mind blowing and the online community of home

after 2007 which as a gamer was amazing to watch,360 had amazing games (any gamer who denys that is a fanboy),even though in hardware sales it was less than the year before,360 is coming to earth with a bump we are only in march and look at how the tables have turned without the big hitters, MGS4 is just the tip of a very big iceberg

Sayai jin3754d ago

Great News!!!


True the 360 has always been the cheaper console, but do not use the whole "are aware you get what you pay for" idealogy, becuase the same could be said for XBL vs PSN.

Man I am getting hyped for Sony's exclusive titles too. They do have a better line up this year, way better, some rally heavy hitters for sure. I am also looking forward to Huxley, Gears 2, Alan Wake, etc. I am still undecided about Home, right now it seems like a virtul sim.

On topic, great news for Sony. Competition, competition, competition, keeps the balance of power ever evolving. Sony should gloat a little, but not for to long, becuase the Wii and 360 will have their moments too.

Neurotoxin3754d ago

Yes the 360 has been the cheaper console all along. But price cuts mean extra sales and like i said the 360 will more than likely outsell the PS3 because of the reduced price, its this trend that will see the 360 outsell the PS3 again for the next few months until the PS3 exclusives hit anyway. Most people have no clue about any hardware related problems with the 360, and will see the £200 price point, which is £100 pound less than the ps3 and lap it up...... its that simple. Most people don`t care about Blu-Ray and for that reason will buy the console which is cheaper and has a large library of games, which is ultimately what a gaming console is for.

I`m just giving opinions of what i see, i`m a PS3 owner....

Cheaper consoles = More sales.

MURKERR3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

i can use you the 'get what you pay for phrase' because PSN for a FREE service is more than adequate and with HOME soon on the horizon we as gamers will be getting a service that really you would have to pay for elsewhere and im sure alot of people would pay for considering 360 gamers are paying £50 a year for a really great online service in XBL

Sayai jin3754d ago

@MURKERR-Yes, I am looking forward to Home too, but it is not a proved commodity yet. I have no doubt in my mind that it will help the PSN. True, we will not be paying for Home, I just hope, they do not nickel and dime us for extra content (furniture, clothes, etc) I am excited about Home, but I am keeping my excitement at bay for the most part, becuase until I see that it is more than just an awesome virtual world.

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wAtdaFck3754d ago

greeeaat...another company going at it.

And I thought only Microsoft were the asshats.

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