Kriegspiel: Avant-Garde War Game

Kriegspiel, or "War Game," is a Java version of a board game developed by French avant-garde writer, film maker, and activist Guy Debord. The chess-like game has stylish art direction, a slick interface, and an elegant logistics mechanism. It is now available at the experimental software collective site RSG.

The game places two opposing players on a game board of 500 squares arranged in rows of 20 by 25 squares. The objective of the game is to maintain various "lines of communication" or "supply line" across the map, while cutting off your opponent's lines. These lines connect to arsenals and relay points and allow your troops to move and attack. If a troop cut off from a line, it's immobilized. If it's on an enemy line, it blocks the opponent's line at that point. The game is won when a player's arsenals or troops are completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, there's no single-player component or AI, so it's for two players only.

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