Dutch Vote For Their Favorite Kratos Look-a-Like

The Dutch website InsideGamer has held a competition in order to find the best Dutch Kratos. This week, visitors can choose between six regular guys who all have been transformed into Kratos. Every candidate had to give their best shot at imitating Kratos. Voting on the best Kratos can be done until the end of next week!

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crunchie1013754d ago

Oh my, that is hilarious.

kewlkat0073754d ago

to at least come close...

rofldings3754d ago

lolol @ the nice Kratos

AdolfBinBush3754d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you made my day.. goodnight

jollygoodchap83754d ago

Would it kill them to actually shave their heads?

Anyone wanna bet they can't grow a real beard?
I can't grow one either :(

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The story is too old to be commented.