Microsoft: Blu-ray Is Not Necessary To Sell The Best Games

"It seems that with all the talk of Blu-ray support shuffling back and forth between various Microsoft departments, the nice PR team for the Microsoft's 360 division had something to set in stone. First off, Microsoft announced it's response to the NPD sales today by stating that the Xbox 360 was in a supply slump or a "supply constrained situation" with the Xbox 360....."

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-EvoAnubis-3726d ago

Bigger HDDs weren't necessary either, if memory serves. Neither was HDMI.

Sayai jin3726d ago

True, but neither was online gaming.

Montrealien3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

This is one of the oldest gaming arguments. Microsoft is right. Nintendo is proof of that.

newneto3726d ago

you dont need free network...

marinelife93726d ago

And Microsoft didn't think they had a problem or needed to extend their warranty for RROD's either.

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HarryEtTubMan3726d ago

Sore losers. Their still going to lose.

iAmPS33726d ago




Wait until MGS4 comes out and everyone starts to realize what can be done with Blu Ray and the PS3.

Then you will see Microslaves running around like headless chickens wondering why they don't have the best technology available to them.

I am sorry PIGS, thanks Nazisoft for that.

May Sony bless your lives!!!

dale13726d ago

no next gen confirmed then just old dvd like old cd before it thats sad,

Montrealien3726d ago

wtf, since when has the format determined if a console is next gen or not? never, and it wont start now.

ceedubya93726d ago

Doesn't necessarily = next gen game.

SUP3R3726d ago

Wasn't that the same argument they used with the Dreamcast and PS2?
The 'we don't need dvd, cd is just fine'.....I wonder what happened after that? Hmmmm....

Marceles3726d ago

Actually Dreamcast used GD-ROMs which were 2 times bigger than CDs but still 4 times less space than a DVD. Dreamcast didn't really die because of the format, it just had no support at all for its system. I don't think anyone saw DVD taking off like it did...Sega didn't say they didn't need it, they just never thought of doing it at all. But FF7 on PS1 really proved a next gen format was needed when they couldn't port it onto the N64 because of space and cartridges couldn't run FMVs.

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The Closing3726d ago

I love how they bring up the other system stats, but then forget to when it's not convenient for them. Like total systems sold for the month.

wAtdaFck3726d ago

Its like their 1-year head start never existed. There's a valid reason why the 360 is selling more games per month, and better in multi-platforms. Its because of their larger install base, thanks to their 1-year head start.

And its all in a matter of opinion on which system has the better games. Both consoles have great games, but I like the games available for PS3 more.

skitzoid3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

They backed the wrong horse and it lost. Now all we hear from them is negative comments concerning the format that won and how digital download is the future and a hi def physical format isn't needed. Than we hear MS will implement BR in the future. When and what capacity is yet to be determined / announced.

Enough already. Quit all the damage control (BluRay crap and product shortages)and get to work. On with the price cuts, bring on the games and tell your defense to take a vacation (permanently).

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