The Kindest Cut - Microsoft fires the first shot in the next-gen price war - but why now?

Games Industry.Biz writes: "This week is something of a landmark in the lives of the next-generation consoles - with Microsoft's slashing of Xbox 360 prices in Europe on Friday representing the first straightforward price cut of the generation.

Certainly, there have been price movements before now - but for the most part, they have been obfuscated by the introduction of new hardware bundles to disguise the drops. Microsoft's prior cuts have been minor and largely unheralded, while Sony's big drop shortly after the launch of the PS3 was covered up with a major new hardware bundle and, subsequently, with the launch of the 40GB model - sans backward compatibility, much to the annoyance of many vociferous consumers.

Only Nintendo hasn't budged an inch on price since the launch of the Wii - but even taking into account the various shifts and adjustments we've seen in the SKU plans and associated prices of the next-gen machines, prices have stayed remarkably stable thus far in the generation. It's fair, then, to make the assertion that this week's cut is the first straight out shaving of pounds and Euros off the price point of a next-gen machine."

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nn3692d ago

because Easter is next week.

Lifendz3692d ago

dry humor is always appreciated here.

The Killer3692d ago

if 360 sale over take ps3 sales then ps3 will make a price cut too!!
its a cheap try to take more market share!!

Phil Harrison Mk43692d ago

Kindest?????????????????? FUNNY!!! ;-D
+Why now???
Erm coz there SINKING!!!!!!!!! ;-D
Grab your Lifeboads xBot Slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D
(Cue JAWS music!!!) ;-D

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