Bright Shiny Things: Zeleny Zany for Iron Dukes

Pete Hines and Fred Zeleny from Bethesda Software blog about the independent game that won the "Best Web Browser Game" at the 2008 Independent Games Festival.

"Fred Zeleny is rather a conniss… conna… lover of the sort of things we cover in Bright Shiny Things, so I thought this go-'round I'd let Fred tell you about one of his favorites. Mr. Zeleny, you have the floor…

Imagine Sid Meier's Pirates!, but replace piracy on the high seas with depth-defying salvage in treacherous waters. Less swordplay and swashbuckling, and more steampunk and surrealism. But keep the minigame action and addictive qualities.

Oh, and add the occasional geyser of blood. Never forget geysers of blood.

Now you have One Ton Ghost's hilarious, award-winning browser game, Iron Dukes."

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