Oblivion mod "Dune" turns heads at Bethesda

The official Bethesda Blog reports the staff at Bethesda Softwork were wowed by Dune, a new Oblivion mod project started by Stefano Tonello (aka Prometheus). This mod is not related to Frank Herbert's Dune universe. It's a completely new and unique storyline. Here's a brief introduction to the world of Dune:

"The DUNE World, known as Dusaar, is a huge desert world where the brutality of people and nature is an everyday part of life. Water has long since ceased to flow on the surface and can only be found in the last sea, some oases, and tiny lakes and streams are the only source of life for the Ancient Forest, a Tropical Jungle surrounded by Canyons and covered from the everpresent winds of the open Desert, protecting this small Last Paradise.

The desert covers the majority of the land, almost 90% of it is surrounded by the Great Wall Cliffs of the east and the Sea of Silt to the west. Some of the mountains are nearly impassable, but ancient canyons throughout them hide the last spots where life can still continue….There are many diverse cultures living in the few safe places on this world."

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SuperSaiyan43691d ago

WOW!!!! This mod is incredible its like a whole new game!!

Feihc Retsam3691d ago

Now, did that look like the world was a Halo-like ring, or was that just a very tall mountain in the distance?

ravenguard883691d ago

Looks interesting, but the world is kinda bare. It's the lush jungles and stuff that made Oblivion so visually appealing.

RenegadeValkyrie3691d ago

I think if done properly, deserts can be just as beautiful as lush forests and jungles. I imagine it is a lot easier to render as well.

LinuxGuru3691d ago

Once better animations are designed for the mounts, then I'll defintely grab this mod.

MK_Red3691d ago

WOW. Seriously awesome. Superb mod. Reminds me of the Outcast but a bit rough around the edges. Kudos to this great modder and also to Bethesda.

Skerj3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Damn I was hoping to get some of those awesome powers from the spice agony like Muad'Dib and rip ass to some Harkonnen while riding sandworms all over the place. It still looks cool even though it has nothing to do with "Dune", kudos to the mod team for creating something that looks awesome.

Btw, I now want an open world Dune game, we have the technology we can build it.

LinuxGuru3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I couldn't agree more Skerj...

The real Dune would make a HELLUVA good open-world game.

VERY epic.

mariusmal3691d ago

so true. dune is one of my favorite books. well.. all of them hehe

ravenguard883691d ago

You love Rez as much as I do? ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.