X-Play Review - Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions

Lost Planet is a welcome departure from Capcom's previous next-gen titles and offers some truly epic-feeling boss battles against some large, nasty looking creatures. The V-suits, grappling cable, and "thermal energy" mechanic, where you need to maintain your armor and life by capturing the enemy's "heat," are interesting twists to the traditional action title. Fans of first-person shooters will likely find issues with the game's controls and slower pacing, and the PS3 game is not a smooth port of the Xbox 360 version. Yet for the price and amount of bang for the buck, Lost Planet: Extreme Edition on PS3 is certainly worth warming up to.

Review by: Scott Alan Marriott


• Fun combat system
• Distinctive setting
• Includes all bonus multiplayer content from Xbox Live


• Dodgy frame rate
• No improvements to visuals
• Requires huge (5GB) hard drive installation

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