GameSpy: MLB '08: The Show PSP Review

GameSpy writes: " In 2006, Sony's PSP baseball release went up against the debut offering from 2K Sports and soundly kicked its butt. Last year, Sony deepened its game while 2K stood pat. The result was another butt-kicking. This year Sony is back with a bolstered MLB '08: The Show and it's the deepest version yet of its handheld hardball game. Meanwhile, in the other dugout, 2K -- once again -- has done little to its PSP title other than to update the rosters. If you like your baseball portable, there's not really much of a decision to make this year.

To be fair, the folks at 2K sort of had their hands tied when it came to upgrading their PSP title. This year, the big console versions of the game underwent a major overhaul. Unfortunately for PSP owners, it mainly centered on increasing the use of the right analog stick. Since the handheld is right-stick-challenged, the portable version of the game couldn't take advantage of these developments."


-Tons of info and stats
-improved and deeper pitching interface
-mid-game save option makes life a lot easier


-You may not care about stats
-first-person base running is still clunky
-still no franchise mode

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