PSX Extreme: Section 8 Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "We all know the first-person shooter is evidently attempting to corner the video game market, and the powerful new consoles are only furthering the popularity of this widespread genre. However, it's up to the developers to produce something innovative within that genre, and we're hoping that TimeGate is prepared to give the world a truly unique FPS. It's called Section 8, and it's set in a futuristic setting that boasts a massive world we can explore, a compelling storyline, and an engaging combat mechanic that goes beyond the same ol' same 'ol.

This isn't just another Unreal Tournament and even though we'll have familiar gameplay – IGN mentioned Capture Points, for example - Section 8 should implement a variety of new elements that will separate it from the rest of the FPS pack. Essentially, the basics behind Capture Points are simple: the more you hold, the bigger advantage you'll have over any given battlefield. But what about the rest? All that potentially revolutionary stuff?"

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