PSX Extreme: Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Last year's MLB 2K7 was not a sports game I was particularly fond of. It was clumsy, had stupid A.I. despite customization, was full of homerun robbing, questionable hitting mechanics, and lackluster visuals with a framerate that gets me upset just thinking about it. 2K Sports promised us changes, and there's nothing that irks me more than hyperbole. Because MLB 2K8 does not deliver on any of those promises, as the game is still riddled with problems, and sometimes, it almost feels unplayable.

I'll start off with the moronic A.I. again. The A.I. in MLB 2K8 is apparently clueless to the game of baseball, as they'll, literally, stand in one place watching a ball roll right past them. And I don't mean roll quickly, I'm talking about rolling at a crawling pace. I can't count the amount of times I've thrown a ball to home, only for it to land short and roll past the third baseman. And when it finally stops, only then will he run to it. I thought, okay, maybe I need to press the L1 button to change to the nearest player...nope."

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