Top Spin 3 - Online Features, Gameplay, Career Mode and More

Gameplayer has taken a look at the upcoming Top Spin 3 and has detailed some of the game's key features in this article.

"The developer has tried to remove all the things that made the previous games a bit fiddly, while holding onto the elements the hardcore fans most loved."

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kevin11223724d ago

this looks really good, it seems a lot better than virtua tennis 3.

meepmoopmeep3724d ago

yeah, i bought Virtua Tennis, it was ok only but i traded it in. I might pick this one up though

Yi-Long3724d ago

... where you can have a choice of all the best old players, like Ivanisevic, Lendl, Edberg, Sabatini (yummmy), Borg, McEnroe, Connors, Chang, Athea Gibson. BJ King, etc etc etc.

I dont understand (apart from licensing problems) why we dont have such a game yet. It would be fun to play with Lendl against Federer etc.

ItsDubC3724d ago

I agree. Unfortunately I think the game has changed so much that Ivanisevic by today's standards would be considered to have a fairly normal serve even though for his time, it was one of the fastest (being lefty helped a lot tho too). I want to be able to replay the Federer/Sampras match =)

kevin11223723d ago

i wish these games would put andre agassi in.

Spydr073723d ago

I remember the Agassi clothing line.