Top Ten Most Anticipated Titles of 2008:

Disclaimer: This is by no means a comprehensive list. It would have to be a top 30 list if that were the case. Some titles that are clearly in demand , such as Metal Gear Solid and Star Craft 2 were left off the list intentionally. These games seem to consist more of the Faster, Better, Stronger variety. This list is to showcase those titles that bring something new to the table or at the very least resurrect a long dead IP.

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HarryEtTubMan3543d ago

The BOTS have no anticipated games coming. hahahahahahahhahahah XTards

Harry1903543d ago

you are being a little hard on them.

Harry1903543d ago

it's someone's opinion.there were no polls among
gamers to make that list.well,maybe very few of them.

sonarus3543d ago

lol what kind of weak list is this. These guys need to grow some ballz and tell us the real anticipated games. No if's no butts. Making a list that makes everyone happy is lame

Horny Melon3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

unless you have a incredibly high traffic site as people will only vote for things they can play on the platform(s) they own. Another problem with polling games is you have too many options. There's over 200 releases this year what person is going to read more than the top 20 of a poll that size? Instead I narrowed it down by what innovations are being brought to the table by this years releases and new/ or rebooted IPs. Then I took a trip over to Google trends and averaged the number of searches for about 30 games coming out this year by the shortest time info (other than rumors) about a given game has been on the net. Sorry I wasn't scientific or anything.

sonarus3543d ago

lol that is actually pretty impressive. sorry i was so hard on you. Just thought you were trying to cater to everyone which is lame.

Horny Melon3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Oddly enough I figured..."hey it's a top ten list I should be able to bang it out in an hour." It was the longest article I ever wrote. Took me 4 hours everything included. I'm sure there are flaws in my method, but it's video games. I'm not trying to split atoms.

games4fun3542d ago

people are going to complain for two reasons: they wont read your disclaimer and think that big titles should be in there even though they are sequeals and for a second reason that they dont like the games you've put on the list people can be very biased

sidenote: the way you made that list is actually quite reasonable imo at least part of it was impartial when you looked up most hits on a search engine

i think that the list is ok but i would have liked to see prototype somewhere in there its a great game where you are an infected villian. or misunderstood (your just trying to survive why should you have to die to save others moral dilemna?) and there is a very long gameplay video for it on gametrailers and this sandbox type game has innovative story at least.

Horny Melon3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I was wracking my brain all day at work trying to think of how I could do a legitimate top ten with such a new blog. there's really no way you could do 100% unbiased, totally the truth, not playing with the numbers poll before a game is out for sale. So with the resources at hand I did the best I could. If you want a 100% poll on games that have already been released go to or look at NPD's nfor sales figures....those are the real polls.

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Danja3543d ago


means crappy list

I mean they didn't even include GeOW2 4 the

Horny Melon3543d ago

Nothing is concrete about Gears of War 2. GTA IV and MGS were left off the list due to a few things, not a new IP, Not a rebooted old IP, no innovative features, space constraints. Those two titles while hot, fall into the bigger,faster,stronger category. All was explained in the disclaimer.

toughNAME3542d ago

Clearly better than all those.

Hey wait did you hsve Gears 2 on that list? Because that's 3rd best.

Horny Melon3542d ago

solid info on GoW2 yet, other than it's coming out. Surprisingly even though I did include just cause two for the same reason as mercenaries two it ranked outside the top ten. The disclaimer explains all. Dead space ranked higher than just cause 2

sonarus3542d ago

he isn't doing sequels that don't offer anything innovative. so no just cause 2 and no Gears. But his method is quite impressive.

MK_Red3542d ago

Solid list though I'd remove Mario Kart and add a better game like Ninja Gaiden 2, Prototype or Force Unleashed.

Horny Melon3542d ago

was a weak link. It ranked high in google searches though. It's also has an online element, the steering wheel and possible pedals are pretty cool, and you can race with your Mii's. Nintendo is giving it it's own channel so they must have something cool planned for it.

MK_Red3542d ago

I understand but then, the list was supposed to exclude likes of MGS4 and GTA4 that are sure big sellers and Mario Kart is a popular sequel and is the same as Wii Fit in Nintendo's marketing.

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