Immersion in video games: Bonding around the e-campfire

MWEB GameZone takes a look at an aspect of video game immersion that has for the most part been labeled as negative. The Internet is littered with stories about people meeting online and then it turns out to have one sour ending. The fact remains though that there are millions of people playing massively multiplayer online games because developers understand the most basic of human needs – the need to bond.

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DesVader2072d ago

"Soul in the Source Code" - Nice, like the Ghost in the Machine :). Nice article. Gaming is a great way to bond and connect with friends, for sure.

Choc_Salties2072d ago

If only my significant other would understand and appreciate that. Playing the game wasn't fun for her, but the banter on voicecomms was always good for a laugh

WelshPixie2072d ago

Met my boyfriend through bonding around the campfire in Thunder Bluff (WoW). Moved from Inverness to South Africa four years ago to live with him. He's less furry than I imagined and I'm less green (he was a Tauren, I an orc) but we made it work. :P

HanCilliers2072d ago

That is so amazing! I had incredible bonding in WoW, met fantastic people

DesVader2072d ago

I've met lots of interesting people from all over the world gaming. Its making that global village smaller, one raid at a time :D