Age of Wushu is probably the greatest sandbox...

Imagine my surprise, then, when I sat down to play Age of Wushu last week and found something utterly unlike most of the genre in every way that matters. It's difficult to compare the sprawling martial arts saga to other titles, but if you're looking for AoW's closest MMO relative, it would have to be EVE Online

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Yi-Long1266d ago

... or is it different!? Throughout the last 1-2 years I;ve seen videos of both titles, and they look so similar, so I'm not sure. It does look very interesting though, especially for someone like me who loves those asian martial arts movies.

zeal0us1265d ago

Same game just different names

Ddouble1266d ago

Game looks rough but the music is just something else.

sanbq1265d ago

Though I never heard Snail Games, the quality of Age of Wushu is for real.

ZhangBangjie1265d ago

Me have play this during the last two betas and have to say it's worth a try

Themba761265d ago

so whats better this or defiance

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