GameSpy: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition Preview

GameSpy writes: "Capcom had us over to its offices to show off quite a few titles, including Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition. We got to spend some hands-on time with the new version, including the brightest point, Akrid Hunter mode. We're excited to see the sheer volume of new content on this re-release, but we're also concerned on a few points. Namely, while Colonies contains the original game and some extras, saves from the original won't carry over and owners of the original and Colonies won't be able to play online together.

In The Frozen Wastes of the North

To start with, there are tons of bits in Colonies. Single player gets Score Attack, Boss rush, and "Off Limit" (essentially, super-powered) modes. Multiplayer gets even more choices: Akrid Hunter, VS Annihilator, CounterGrab, Point Snatcher, Akrid Egg Battle, and Egg Bandit. The biggest winner of the lot is Akrid Hunter, which casts a select few players as mighty Akrid and the rest as puny humans."


-Tons of new stuff
-PC versus 360 play
-wacky Akrid Hunter mode
-no Steam hang-ups


-Tenuous value
-doesn't play nice with original
-Live features?

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