Nintendo Stock Rises By 11%

The largest increase since 2008

The Japanese yen has reached a three-year low against the euro meaning many successful exporters are enjoying a rise in stock.

Nintendo has seen an 11% rise in stock value, which now stands at 11,850 yen, the largest gain since 2008.

The yen has weakened against all 16 major counterparts this year as speculation surrounding the Bank of Japan’s prospective quantitative easing initiatives continue.

The Topix advanced 1.7% today to close at 1,121.04 in Tokyo, with around two stocks rising for each that fell.

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PopRocks3592045d ago

Ohmaigawd they're still doomed right gaiz?!

Heck if I know what caused the stock increase (might be their focus in the western markets, but that's just a guess on my part) what with the weakened yen, but I imagine at least a few people at Nintendo are smiling their butts off right now.

Testfire2045d ago

I don't think anyone said Nintendo as a company is "doomed", rather that the Wiiu's future is bleak. No casuals this time around like the Wii had (they've moved on to tablets or not gaming at all), barely any new games out (mostly ported games from last year), low sales on said games, and devs dropping support left and right. The 3DS on the other hand is booming and keeping Nintendo afloat, and I don't see ANYONE arguing this point.

just-joe2045d ago

I don't think anyone said Nintendo as a company is "doomed"

yeah you keep thinking that.

PopRocks3592045d ago

You'd be surprised. I've seen my fair share of people say Nintendo is, in fact, doomed. Or their financial situation is so bad they'll go software only/3rd party or what have you.

A year ago I kept reading stories about Nintendo stock dropping. This is the second one I've read where it's actually risen.

Testfire2045d ago

Let me rephrase, "I don't think anyone sensible said..."

cleft52045d ago

Dude there where a ton of articles on N4G alone saying Nintendo was doomed.

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adorie2045d ago

Japan is printing money like the U.S is. All the rallying is artificial. This worries me past gaming.

dantesparda2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Wow the level of bullsh!t that is presented by fanboys and yes i am calling the author of the story a fanboy, is unbelievable. Nintendo is only up 10-11% from yesterday, but is down from a year ago. From 18.35 to todays 14.97. Nice spin on the authors part there though, but Nintendo has been on a downward trend not a upward one.

And the trend is even worst if you look at its 5yr trend, when it was at 72.50 at its highest

stragomccloud2045d ago

Up is still better than down or no growth. How is their a spin on numbers?

dantesparda2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Ok, so i may have spoked to soon, by calling the author a fanboy and calling it spin on his part, i hadnt read the article yet. But i still think its spin on the contributors part, cuz he's trying to paint this picture like this proves that Nintendo is doing well. When its not, its stock is down over 80% since 5 yrs ago. And the only reason its up 10.15% today is because of a weak yen to euro exchange rate, not because of anything Nintendo is doing

Qrphe2045d ago

It probably has to do mostly with yen devaluation and Nintendo being a huge exporter.

bicfitness2045d ago

READ the article. They're stocks are up because the Japanese dollar (Yen) is so low. It has nothing to do with their products selling, only that those products are worth more on foreign markets. They still missed all of their - revised - shipment targets. I guarantee. And we should have those results soon

PopRocks3592045d ago

READ my comment. I never claimed I knew why their stocks went up, let alone for their products selling well.

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lilbroRx2045d ago

But I thought Nintendo was doomed?

_QQ_2045d ago

Nintendo is doomed....right!?!

Rockefellow2045d ago

Cue an entire damned article full of "Nintendo is doomed" comments, both sarcastic and serious. You're not funny, and you're not market analysts, respectively.

Ducky2045d ago

I always thought that not being a market analyst meant you had more credibility. =/

Well that was a confusing sentence.

Rockefellow2045d ago

Haha, I suppose you're right.

Realplaya2045d ago

Wow who would have thought there was a silver lining.

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