NBA 2K8 Roster Update

IGN: NBA 2K8 has now been updated to address the flurry of trades and roster moves that have enveloped the NBA over the last six weeks. Starting with the Pau Gasol trade and culminating with the moves made at the trade deadline, the changes allow users to accurately play out the rest of the NBA season with stars like Shaquille O'Neal, Jason Kidd, and Mike Bibby in their new homes.

The update does not address post-trade deadline moves, such as Sam Cassell's buyout by the Clippers and acquisition by the Celtics.

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Breakfast3692d ago

Roster updates? Most be EAs NBA Live 2009

games4fun3692d ago

that right there makes me want to buy sport games made by 2k updating the roster is something all sports games should be doing (for free) i think i might buy the game now to show my support. And yet another reason that EA can stick it where the sun dont shine

Ace-Jury3692d ago

however i think ea's updates are constant,almost weekly whereas 2k8's last update was back in november........nk8 is a much better game though. i took live back and swapped it over for 2k8