Bionic Commando; SFII HD Live Truly On XBLA After All

"Bionic Commando Rearmed was stated to arrive to the PS3 as similar to the 360, but Capcom's Ben Judd said that the 360 version would be a bit troublesome so to say. Today, Capcom's head PR man Chris Kramer set the facts straight on another title: SFII HD (cue "Hiya"). Chris Kramer said "

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killer_trap3662d ago

great now everybody's a happy camper. good job capcom.

shine13963662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

props to microsoft as well...but like remember they had the memory restrictions for a very good reason. Now they're just screwing with some of their arcade crowd, if you know what I mean. Someone at Microsoft effed up...but I guess they could make their hard drive or memory cards dirt cheap. (just like everywhere else) I mean it's like really the biggest rip off ever.

ceedubya93662d ago

Microsoft just has too many restrictions. Arcade game limit size. HDD size. High Hdd prices. They need to stop trying to control EVERYTHING and open up a little. They are seriously limiting themselves in areas that they shouldn't.

I'm glad they at least gave Capcom some love here, especially after all the good business they've done for ech other lately.