The Next Xbox May Have An "HDMI In" Port. So?

Kotaku - A new source e-mails me several days ago. The source has access to a development kit for the next Xbox 360—the codenamed Durango. Accurately describes the look of the new controller, but mentions something he's confused about. The Durango he's seen doesn't just send a signal out through an HDMI port (that's normal). It has an HDMI-in. That's not normal.

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iGAM3R-VIII1592d ago

So I am assuming you would plug your TV or cable box to the Xbox and it would act as an overlay which could mean you can play on your Xbox as you watch a Tv smart

JokesOnYou1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

my bad, reply below

GameNameFame1592d ago

more TV show media device than actual gaming

Dee_911591d ago

No it just shows its a nice new feature.
They should stick with features that add to not take away ........ like always on

M-M1592d ago

It is pretty smart, and I would like to see how Microsoft would utilize such a feature. E3 is around the corner so we just have to wait.

HappyGaming1592d ago

If this is true you could plug your PS4 into your 720 :o

But realistically this move is trying to take over all other HDMI devices in the living room. If your Cable box is plugged into your 720 you have to open the 720 every time you want to watch TV.

It will most likely offer recording options so it can persuade people to use it.

crxss1592d ago

wait... you're saying we would plug our 720 into our TV??? this is huge

M-M1592d ago

Let's try reading the title one more time "The Next Xbox May Have An "HDMI --->In<---" Port. So?"

liquidhalos1592d ago

Why would you comment without reading the the article? Either you didnt read it or you dont understand the difference between IN and OUT. I pity your missus.

crxss1591d ago

LOL forgot to hit the sarcasm button. i was replying to iGAM3R-VIII's comment: "So I am assuming you would plug your TV or cable box to the Xbox"

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Aceman181592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

personally i have no intention of purchasing the new console as the 360 will be the last product i buy from microsoft, but from what i can gather from the comments here if this site is going to allow negative rumor articles its only fair that they allow positive rumor articles too.

Doctor_Freeman1592d ago

You mean Microsoft "hardware", because some Microsoft software is pretty much a necessity.

Aceman181592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )


yes hardware lol, but i don't buy software either i usually just use whatever pc/laptop come with until i purchase a new upgraded model lol

i'm curious i would like to know from those that disagreed to explain to me why.

BlmThug1592d ago

This site has truly gone down the drain :(

PurpHerbison1592d ago

Been down the drain for quite some time now...

Th3 Chr0nic1592d ago

Implying it was once above the drain.... lol this site is the drain

a_squirrel1592d ago

Give me an alternative then or stop complaining.

ado9081592d ago

I find it hilarious that people are agreeing with you hahahahaja its true tho

givemeshelter1591d ago

This site went down that drain many a many years ago...It's now swimming in it.

HateFanboys1591d ago

What a pack of butthurt fanboys. All sites have gone down the drain, all gaming sites are infested with fanboys, deal with it, fannies

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1592d ago
Dee_Cazo1592d ago

I love my GoogleTV so this would an awesome addition to the Xbox.

wampdog291592d ago

Yep. Google TV is something that already uses this. In fact, this is my current setup and I have no need for the NextBox to do this....

HappyGaming1592d ago

Plug your Google TV into your 720

ShiftyLookingCow1592d ago

Plug your Google TV into your 720 and then 720 into Google TV. Finally, pour a glass of water.

Dee_Cazo1592d ago

It would allow you to have your friends list popup, get messages, possibly get OnDemand straight to your Xbox, etc.

It would allow you to always be connected*

*I am not referring to ALWAYS ON restrictions.

wampdog291591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@ Gumtrol and Shifty:

Not sure how well that would work... plus, that would create a lot of lag for X720 games. This is how my setup would look in that situation:

CableBox->GoogleTV->X72 0->Receiver->TV

Yeah... just a bit crazy

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avengers19781592d ago

So what? If the Xbox isn't replacing your cable box, what's the point of this. If ms Xbox takes the place of your cable/dish and brings you tv then it's a big deal... If it just connects to your already paying for it cable box then I don't see a reason for it. Show me games for my gaming console

1592d ago
lace1591d ago

Here's the real question can you run a PS4 through that and have the 360 overlay it? Think of it. You could watch Wii U gameplay in the PS4 Browser while you talk with friends over Xbox Live about buying a new PC.

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GamersRulz1592d ago

I like the recent rumor, It basically stated that Durango can play games offline. I don't care about Xbox Mini or any of those TV cable box capabilities .

Chaostar1592d ago ShowReplies(14)
JokesOnYou1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

lol, seen this before

ichimaru1592d ago

pretty much all I cared about too lol

maniacmayhem1592d ago

HDMI in...Future proof...

From what I read from the article, very much so. I like it. Especially for my gaming room which does not have any sort of cable box, but I wouldn't mind having one as a home away from home kind of feeling.

Now these are the rumors I can get behind and should be more upfront on N4G. But then again, we do love the doom and gloom.