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The Next Xbox May Have An "HDMI In" Port. So?

Kotaku - A new source e-mails me several days ago. The source has access to a development kit for the next Xbox 360—the codenamed Durango. Accurately describes the look of the new controller, but mentions something he's confused about. The Durango he's seen doesn't just send a signal out through an HDMI port (that's normal). It has an HDMI-in. That's not normal. (Xbox One)

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iGAM3R-VIII  +   839d ago
So I am assuming you would plug your TV or cable box to the Xbox and it would act as an overlay which could mean you can play on your Xbox as you watch a Tv show.....hm smart
JokesOnYou  +   839d ago
my bad, reply below
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GameNameFame  +   838d ago
It goes to show that it is
more TV show media device than actual gaming
Dee_91  +   838d ago
No it just shows its a nice new feature.
They should stick with features that add to not take away ........ like always on
M-M  +   839d ago
It is pretty smart, and I would like to see how Microsoft would utilize such a feature. E3 is around the corner so we just have to wait.
HappyGaming  +   838d ago
If this is true you could plug your PS4 into your 720 :o

But realistically this move is trying to take over all other HDMI devices in the living room. If your Cable box is plugged into your 720 you have to open the 720 every time you want to watch TV.

It will most likely offer recording options so it can persuade people to use it.
crxss  +   839d ago
wait... you're saying we would plug our 720 into our TV??? this is huge
M-M  +   839d ago
Let's try reading the title one more time "The Next Xbox May Have An "HDMI --->In<---" Port. So?"
liquidhalos  +   838d ago
Why would you comment without reading the the article? Either you didnt read it or you dont understand the difference between IN and OUT. I pity your missus.
Droidanomix  +   838d ago
What a fail you are.
crxss  +   838d ago
LOL forgot to hit the sarcasm button. i was replying to iGAM3R-VIII's comment: "So I am assuming you would plug your TV or cable box to the Xbox"
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Aceman18  +   838d ago
personally i have no intention of purchasing the new console as the 360 will be the last product i buy from microsoft, but from what i can gather from the comments here if this site is going to allow negative rumor articles its only fair that they allow positive rumor articles too.
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Doctor_Freeman  +   838d ago
You mean Microsoft "hardware", because some Microsoft software is pretty much a necessity.
Aceman18  +   838d ago

yes hardware lol, but i don't buy software either i usually just use whatever pc/laptop come with until i purchase a new upgraded model lol

i'm curious i would like to know from those that disagreed to explain to me why.
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BlmThug  +   838d ago
This site has truly gone down the drain :(
liquidhalos  +   838d ago
PurpHerbison  +   838d ago
Been down the drain for quite some time now...
Th3 Chr0nic  +   838d ago
Implying it was once above the drain.... lol this site is the drain
a_squirrel  +   838d ago
Give me an alternative then or stop complaining.
ado908  +   838d ago
I find it hilarious that people are agreeing with you hahahahaja its true tho
givemeshelter  +   838d ago
This site went down that drain many a many years ago...It's now swimming in it.
HateFanboys  +   838d ago
What a pack of butthurt fanboys. All sites have gone down the drain, all gaming sites are infested with fanboys, deal with it, fannies
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Dee_Cazo  +   838d ago
I love my GoogleTV so this would an awesome addition to the Xbox.
wampdog29  +   838d ago
Yep. Google TV is something that already uses this. In fact, this is my current setup and I have no need for the NextBox to do this....
HappyGaming  +   838d ago
Plug your Google TV into your 720
ShiftyLookingCow  +   838d ago
Plug your Google TV into your 720 and then 720 into Google TV. Finally, pour a glass of water.
Dee_Cazo  +   838d ago
It would allow you to have your friends list popup, get messages, possibly get OnDemand straight to your Xbox, etc.

It would allow you to always be connected*

*I am not referring to ALWAYS ON restrictions.
wampdog29  +   837d ago
@ Gumtrol and Shifty:

Not sure how well that would work... plus, that would create a lot of lag for X720 games. This is how my setup would look in that situation:

CableBox->GoogleTV->X72 0->Receiver->TV

Yeah... just a bit crazy
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avengers1978  +   838d ago
So what? If the Xbox isn't replacing your cable box, what's the point of this. If ms Xbox takes the place of your cable/dish and brings you tv then it's a big deal... If it just connects to your already paying for it cable box then I don't see a reason for it. Show me games for my gaming console
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lace  +   838d ago
Here's the real question can you run a PS4 through that and have the 360 overlay it? Think of it. You could watch Wii U gameplay in the PS4 Browser while you talk with friends over Xbox Live about buying a new PC.
GamersRulz  +   839d ago
I like the recent rumor, It basically stated that Durango can play games offline. I don't care about Xbox Mini or any of those TV cable box capabilities .
Chaostar   839d ago | Offensive
JokesOnYou  +   839d ago
lol, seen this before
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ichimaru  +   838d ago
pretty much all I cared about too lol
maniacmayhem  +   839d ago
HDMI in...Future proof...

From what I read from the article, very much so. I like it. Especially for my gaming room which does not have any sort of cable box, but I wouldn't mind having one as a home away from home kind of feeling.

Now these are the rumors I can get behind and should be more upfront on N4G. But then again, we do love the doom and gloom.
TekoIie  +   838d ago
Could this be related to the separate BC accessory mentioned in the vgleaks article?
Yodagamer  +   838d ago
Can't wait till the troll youtube videos to come along titled "how to play ps4 games on your 720" XD
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cl1983  +   839d ago
Maybe they realize that more devices are using hdmi, and there's a lack of ports on electronics.
JANF  +   839d ago
that is is a really interesting article. If true this will put an end to the New box not playing used games and needing to be online to play games rumors.
optimus  +   839d ago
Not according to the mods and contributors in here... There have been about 4 article submitted about this new news and they didn't approve any of them.
B-radical  +   839d ago
Shame not everyone will see that article due to ps4 fangals/boys reporting it
nukeitall  +   838d ago
Yeah, the mods here are clearly biased. Many of them comes from a 1-bubble background and known fanboy to all of a sudden gazillion bubbles and a mod.

E3 will reveal it all though and there is plenty of time until the console releases.
Irishguy95  +   838d ago
optimus, that is the rules here. VGleaks won't give up their sources = not allowed on N4g. It's stupid but that's the way it is.
a_bro  +   839d ago
Well it's suicide had if it didn't allow the user to play used games. This rumor I kind of like, since its pretty much what I stated before when it comes to backwards compatibility btw. Sell it as an attachment. But it does seem its going to be a tad bit pricey. I guess it's recommendable to just keep the 360 for your current gen fix.

But the always on connection is still in effect though, sigh...
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JANF  +   839d ago
The always connection still in effect but it will not be a requirement to play local content and it will not prevent playing used games.
liquidhalos  +   838d ago
WOW!! 4 people disagree with the fact that you left that link there. Thats pretty strange as i can see it, i wonder why those other 4 folks couldnt...
AO1JMM  +   839d ago
DVR functionality?
Ace_Pheonix   839d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
MadMen  +   839d ago
Madden games have never been bad looking in stills, they fail when the game is actually in motion

2005 was the last good Madden.

The issue is, their interface in clunky, everything feels like it has a 1 sec lag to it, and the graphics look good, then stiff when in motion

They need a new team, a new direction in look; I mean seriously if you look back at the NEXT GEN madden commercial from 2005; these games look and move like crap in comparison
KaBaW  +   838d ago
"The Next Xbox May Have An "HDMI In" Port. So?"
"Madden games have never been bad looking in stills"

Sounds legit.
deadfrag  +   839d ago
Rumor:Xbox mini connect port.The Durango cant play Xbox 360 games so the only way to play them in conjunction with Durango is connecting the Xbox mini to to durango and play xbox 360 games from the HDD of thE Xbox mini, since the xbox mini dont have disc tray or anykind of dvd reader!This is just stupid, M$ is going to sell Two systems that can connect beteween them the Durango and the Xbox Mini;why the fuc% will i buy an xbox Mini to be able to play xbox 360 compatible games with the Durango if i already have an xbox 360 slim to play them.Great scheme to rip more money of stupid people.Not to mention that the xbox mini WILL only plays 360 games on demand.With the money M$ is spending on this xbox mini they could have made new games,Ips,because that is what the xbox needs.

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Loki86  +   839d ago
No actually since the new Xbox works off an x86 architecture there is no way for the Durango to play games natively due to the 360s inners last gen. This is a great idea to keep the 360 relevant while offering the bc gamers want.

EDIT: It does play 360 discs according to the leak:


You insert them into the Durango runs off the add-on inside the Durango interface. You need to understand why x86 and IBM are not compatible to know why they went this root.
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deadfrag  +   839d ago
Great rip off!I already have an Xbox 360 if i need to play my games.Why should I buy something that dont offer me nothing new,and only plays download 360 games not even 360 discs.If the durango or next xbox is not compatible with 360 games from the batch i will keep my slim 360 to play them.Im not going to spend more money just to buy a diferente device to connect to the new xbox Durango just to be able to play xbox 360 games.
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Clarence  +   839d ago
You don't get the point that deadfrag is making. In order to play your 360 games you still have to buy the 360 mini.

You need to understand that this is a ripoff. Much like the HD add on that M$ wanted you to buy in order to watch HD movies.

Why not just keep the 360 you already have to play your 360 games.
M$ once again bitting of other companies and ripping of consumers.
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EVILDEAD360  +   839d ago
@ Dead frag,

I agree in keeping my 360 to play 360 games.

But, this allows millions of next gen gamers new or old the option of playing the entire collection of 360 games new or used that will still be on sale at retail or places like Gamestop.

Instead of making it mandatory and imparting that burden onto the new box, this is the best solution period.

Why go into the hole buying Gaikai just to stream your old systems games and have to repay for every single one of them when you can still use your original discs or XBLA account.

Great move by MS.

optimus  +   839d ago
@clarence... And you and deadfrag are missing the point that not EVERYone that buys a durango will already have a 360... Believe it or not, there are hundreds, if not millions of people who simply went with another console in the past or had failed 360's that they decided to wait it out for the durango...
Having this mini available gives them the option to play those 360 games without having to purchase a new one that would occupy more space in their entertainment center, or whatever they use.
KaBaW  +   838d ago
If you already have an xBox 360 then why are you bickering over this?
It's a choice. If you want to keep the 360 to play the game; then keep it.
But, if you want to play them off the Duragon, then buy the Mini..

It's really that simple. It doesn't sound like a must have piece.
C4BL3  +   838d ago
@optimus let me get this straight. Someone is going to buy a brand new console and then go "oh I would love to play that game on a console that I never had nor do I know anything about." very unlikly. If the Next Box is your first console why would I need to play 360 games? How many people bought a ps3 then went and bought a PS2 or bought a 360 then went and bought an original xbox. This is just a way for M$ to milk people of money.
Pillsbury1  +   838d ago
Ms has been milking people from the start. More and more people are finally starting to open their eyes.
optimus  +   838d ago
Let's try looking at this with a little bit of an open mind shall we?? ... @c4bl3... You can't very well be saying that everyone does or should think like you? Are you?...

The durango could in most likelihood release with 15-20 games at launch 3-4 of which would be worth buying at full price (hey, it has happened). So you may want to invest in the mini in order to play some quality 360 games that sell for 20 bucks or less to make up for the lack of durango games... Also, if the rumors end up being true and the mini has no disk drive than we can hope or speculate that it wouldn't be much bigger than your average pc router which would be more attractive in your living room if you were trying to save space...

Now if you already have a 360 then yes you would be stupid to buy a mini...your assumption that people would not buy a previous generation console if they bought a new one doesn't really apply today since many developers have announced some high profile games for the 360 and ps4 well into the release of the next generation... You act like they are planning to pull the plug on the 360 as soon as the durango is released...

Again, the whole thing would be OPTIONAL, just like the hddvd drive was...they are not forcing you to buy it, unlike the ps4 that will not be backwards compatible in that sense you would HAVE to buy a ps3 to play those old games...if it doesn't sell, then they can discontinue it, no problem. But if it does, then they can bundle it in time for the holidays, double your pleasure...if it releases at $99 than i could only speculate that there would not be a pricecut on the current 360 therefore the mini would be more appealing to consumers wouldn't it?

Milking anything would apply to apple that's for sure, who purposely leave things out of their products just so you HAVE to buy the next.

...and with that, i am out of bubbles so i'm done here...good luck in the next generation with whatever you decide. As for me, i like having choices on the purchases i make.
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Darrius Cole  +   838d ago
My question is, why would you buy the mini instead of just buying a brand new, ordinary 360? They do still sell them and if you bought one you could play your disc based 360 games while someone else plays your disc based Durango games, AT THE SAME TIME.
Morgue  +   839d ago
With all these " rumors " the new Xbox is sounding better every hour. Can't wait to see who's behind the curtain pulling all the strings.

Is it.... The all great and powerful x_bOZ??!!!
ger2396  +   839d ago
If this is true and they do have 2 consoles, it's going to be quite confusing to the average consumer.
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EVILDEAD360  +   839d ago
This is absolutely the truth.

It will be on MS to simply explain it to E3 and the media.

They will also need to provide ads like any other product.

But, consumers arent dumb, they know the difference between every single Apple device and they will for every single MS or Sony product as well.

NiteX  +   838d ago
I've never heard of a smart consumer before.
strigoi814  +   839d ago
Hmm without backwards compatible im guessing this HDMI in would act as something to upscale and play 360 games on the nextxbox. Well maybe im thinking too much
KiLLUMiNATi_89   839d ago | Offensive
edonus   839d ago | Spam
steve30x  +   839d ago
I would prefer two HDMI outputs so that I can plug in one for audio into my amplifier and the other to my TV.
MarkusMcNugen  +   838d ago
Why not just use the optical audio port?
Metfanant  +   838d ago
because optical can't carry uncompressed, or "HD" audio (DTS-MA, Dolby TrueHD) 7(+) channel audio like HDMI can?
dcbronco  +   838d ago
Based on some of the system designs their will be an optical link for audio.
WitWolfy  +   838d ago
The Xbox May not be "always online".. see I can do it too!!
TheKayle1  +   838d ago
just from the article

"Kinect isn’t the primary focus."
maryangelynstoke   838d ago | Spam
Supermax  +   838d ago
Using the kinect to switch tv channels and scroll threw menus is a good function also being able to store programs on 1 terra bite space is also good
lovegames718  +   838d ago
According to neogaf.... Xbox durango will not offer bc per se but Microsoft will be selling a sort of mini xbox that can piggy back off the Durango to play old games. So Microsoft will be selling an add on for ppl that want to play old games. Its a substitute to having to buy an xbox slim...

go on gaf the information is on there. But durango by itslef is still not bc.
southernbanana  +   838d ago
Would HDMI "IN" also allow Ethernet Support? I know my Panasonic Plasma supports Ethernet through HDMI but I am unsure in regards to what makes a device capable of Ethernet through HDMI..
GraveLord  +   838d ago
The next XBox 360?

That's like calling the PS4 the "next PS3". It doesn't make sense.
Neko_Mega  +   838d ago
Odds are, this could be support for internet. Their is some devices that support using HDMI for internet and this slot might be for that.

I for one would like to see a console use HDMI for internet, but the lack of support to make it worth it is a problem.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   838d ago
yes cause buying a hdmi cable for 10x the cost of an ethernet cord for the same purpose is something we all want that bad
#23.1 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
southernbanana  +   838d ago
Ethernet capable HDMI cables cost around ten buck on Amazon. Small price to pay for one less cord if you do not like to use the wireless connection.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   838d ago
Its an Input for the new HD/BD drive addon they will introduce and then 6 months later can and sell for a 10th of the price at target to ppl that think it will still be usable
Godz Kastro  +   838d ago
You know I dont understand fans of Sony PS. I actually think that all this hate toward nextbox is a sign of fear. You know the quote, "people fear what they dont understand hate what they cant conquer".

Sony has done a good job with PS4. Enough so that I am interested in buying one although I wasnt a BIG ps3 fan.

What is wrong with MS adding "entertainment" features? What? As long as that little tile in left hand corner loads up games im good. At this moment all I have is one box under my TV and thats the 360. It does everything for me. Why would I not want all my entertainment consolidated all in one machine. I dont want 3-5 boxes in my entertainment center.

Id be willing to have 2. The other being a PS4 but man; PS fans on this site hurt Sony more than help. With your hateful comments all you do is rile up people and make them hate the brand. IS that your best selling technique? To bash competition at every turn. I have nothing against PS but I do against their rabid fanboys. You can tell by all the PC guys beefing with them now. They just hate, hate , hate... blind following blind.

You think defending Sony the way you do helps but it hurts.

Lat thing, if Sony is banking on "hardcore Gamers" to get them in the green? Good Luck... You need to draw customers in and PS$ hardcore model will not do that.

If the PS4 is so great get xbox off your mind and read up and comment on PS articles...sheesh
Pillsbury1   838d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
ShiftyLookingCow  +   838d ago
Reading silly comments and then adding to the wildfire has been part of the N4G experience right from the beginning. Except this time around we have way less Xbox fanboys compared to when 360 launched. And it's less fun.

In any case, if you are tired of silly comments and you have Firefox with Adblock Plus then you can just block the comments section entirely with this rule:
#25.2 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Godz Kastro  +   838d ago
Nice. Thanks
Why o why  +   838d ago
@ godz kastro

I hear you but you obviously wasn't on n4g when the shoe was on the other foot. NO EXCUSES, I'm just saying this place was writhe with 'ps3 isn't selling' to 'blu ray isn't needed' to 'hdmi isn't needed' to 'no games' to 'george forman grill' to 'not enough triple a' to whatever articles. It was a killer.

You can take a look at n4g when there was an openzone and see the amount of ps3 hate articles....the 360 fans were in greater numbers then with louder voices and sharper tongues. It wasn't all bad though. There were 2 stand out champions from the 360 and ps3 camps; ZHUK and DARK SNIPER.... Those guys were funny as hell to the point I thought they were the same person just effin with us all and pulling on our oversensitive natures.

My preference is the ps brand and this gens performances from all parties has cemented that but I've said many times its better to wait and see in terms of this 'always online' rumour and the rest of the speculation. Ms aren't stupid nor are they bereft of ideas or concepts to wow people whether they appeal to me personally or not. I want ms in the industry and believe this competition has improved sony by waking them up.

If I subscribed to your notion of not buying a console or any product because of their fans I would never have an apple device, a windows device, a 360 ....the list goes on... don't take it all on board.
#25.3 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
boing1  +   838d ago
As I said. You won't like what MS will try to do with Xbox next gen.
Godz Kastro  +   838d ago
I wont? Let me check my profile because I couldve sworn I never filled out any personal info. (sarcasm)
boing1  +   838d ago
Wasn't directed at you but you won't like it if you're a gamer.
#26.1.1 (Edited 838d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
portiefeltner   838d ago | Spam
jhenri  +   838d ago
Well if they are really trying to take over the tv market my guess would be so you could plug in your cable box.
Godz Kastro  +   838d ago
Thats what its looking like, I was hoping it would completely replace my cable box. Hope so... I mean as it is My Comcast Signal runs through my box without connecting directly to a STB from cable provider. Maybe DVR recording...
abzdine  +   838d ago
all i want is 2 very different machines.
PiperMCFierceson   838d ago | Spam
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