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Submitted by iGAM3R-VIII 1034d ago | article

Nintendo Says The Wii U Has Plenty Of Third-Party Support

One of the perceived weaknesses of the Wii U is that it doesn’t have any third-party support. A survey of GDC attendees suggested as much as only 4.6 percent of respondents claimed to be working on Wii U games. Well, Nintendo wants you to know that it has plenty of third-party content. (Wii U)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   1034d ago
It does? Where is it? Why are games being delayed (Rayman) and cancelled (Aliens) for the system? Why aren't big-name multiplats coming out for it?

News flash Nintendo: "plenty of 3rd party support" doesn't mean enhanced ports of 2-year-old games. If 3rd parties were supporting the WiiU, it would be getting the same multiplats as the PS3 and 360.
fr0sty  +   1034d ago
When your customers complain that you are not living up to their expectations, you don't reply by saying "Yes we are!!!", especially when their example only included 2 developers by name and a vague reference to an unknown number of additional developers. If they have all this support, why not detail it?
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MikeMyers  +   1034d ago
Where is Crysis 3, Tiger Woods 14, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear: Revengeance, Dead Space 3, Devil May Cry? Those are recent games on other platforms.

Nintendo keeps saying they learned their mistakes, not to have long hauls with no games to play and yet here we are. On top of that they get older titles, add some Gamepad features, and want to charge $60 again.

So if they can't compete right now with the software on the PS3 and Xbox 360 how do they plan on competing on the PS4 and next Xbox?

Seems to me Nintendo has created a history of poor relations with 3rd party publishers and the software sales on average are lower than the competing systems. It looks like it will be exclusive content that people will be looking for the most because right now they are falling behind in support compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and once they have new hardware it will fall behind on a technical level too.
bullymangLer  +   1034d ago

you see what happens when you dont pay attention
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Donnieboi  +   1034d ago
Seriously we hear the same things being said by some of the crazy Ninty militia nutcases here on n4g, that Nintendo is saying. I wonder if Nintendo has them hypnotized into believing up is down, and good is bad. In some crazy world, Nintendo is doing everything right. I don't even respond to them anymore. I leave a statement, and it speaks for itself. Can't remove an idea once inception has taken place.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1034d ago
"In some crazy world, Nintendo is doing everything right"

To be fair, they're doing a dang fine job with the 3DS. But yeah, with the WiiU, not so much.
Donnieboi  +   1034d ago
@Dedicated: Yeah the 3ds is dope!
R00bot  +   1034d ago
To be fair the 3DS started out looking very much like it would fail, in the same situation as the Wii U is now. But Nintendo could still be doing a better job with the Wii U.
gamer42  +   1034d ago
for cancelled games did you really have to put aliens? why not something else, because Aliens wasn't exactly "popular" among many gamers (hell, some people already have it as solid nominee for the worst game of the year). I thought it was cancelled because of the controversy, the probable lie that the demo was the wiiu version, in which they probably couldn't keep their word on. Not really a big of a loss.
R00bot  +   1034d ago
I'm glad we were spared from Aliens.
Theyellowflash30  +   1034d ago
Injustice Gods Among Us, Resident Evil Revelations HD, Need for Speed U, Batman Arkham Origins, Splinter Cell Black List, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed Black Flag are good starts
avengers1978  +   1033d ago
Most of those games are on 360 and PS3. Witch is fine, and they seem like great games as well, but what about games that are 720, or PS4 games what happens when developers are utilizing that tech. Wii u versions of battlefield 4, nope, the next cod modern warfare, no...
And really the games you mentioned better do good numbers on wii u, or they will lose even more 3rd party support.
Aliens might be a crap game, but when wii u first was announced and they showed it off on for wii u, Nintendo fans were trying to use it as an example of how wii u was better than PS3/360.

So once again what happens next year and the year after when no PS4/720/PC Game comes to wii u, cause its just not up to par.
Theyellowflash30  +   1033d ago
Activision hasn't stated that COD isn't coming the Wii U. And you only mentioned two games.... both of them shooters. If that's your idea of third party support then I'm glad the Wii U isn't getting it. Nintendo's exclusive games like Bayonetta 2 and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem look much better.
Dj7FairyTail  +   1034d ago
Alien Is a bad game
Us Wii U owners don't need those garbage PS3, 360 and PC games.
GenericNameHere  +   1034d ago
Just like how the amount of third-party exclusives are decreasing and decreasing, I think Nintendo is having less and less of third-party support on their consoles (their handhelds are still the most profitable, so they keep having 3rd-party support there).
stragomccloud  +   1034d ago
You mean big multi plats like Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed IV and Batman Arkham Origins?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1034d ago
I get what Nintendo is saying. they're saying they have third party games out right now, but they need to worry about what games they won't be getting in the future.

This is delusion on Nintendo's part.
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Theyellowflash30  +   1033d ago
So you're saying Nintendo should be worried about games developers haven't even announced yet, but somehow it won't be coming to Wii U?

Who's delusional here? All Nintendo can do is point out what they have and continue to forge relationships to get games like Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 exclusives.
bullymangLer  +   1034d ago
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OmegaSlayer  +   1034d ago
I intercourse an immense number of pornstars.
FinalomegaS  +   1034d ago
off topic? or wrong thread?
Knushwood Butt  +   1034d ago
Yeah, it's not like Nintendo are going to fess up that more and more third parties snub them by the day, and that they have to give away dev kits to try and entice devs to develop for them.
Shnazzyone  +   1033d ago
deus ex, splinter cell, watchdogs, lego city undercover, monster hunter 3 u, nfs most wanted u, injustice: gods among us.
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False-Patriot  +   1034d ago
In another dimension, yes.
Zodiac  +   1034d ago
The fact that that is actually a possibility takes away the fun from that insult, lol.
madjedi  +   1034d ago
Not when the other dimensions are right on top of us. Some so minute humans will never explore, assuming we can even cross over into another dimension to begin with.

In our reality he is right, nintendo could be the sole console provider in a alternative reality. Still changes jack shit about the wii u's lack of third party support on this earth in this reality, in this dimension.
andreasx  +   1034d ago
Meh, I'll believe that when I see it.
NYC_Gamer  +   1034d ago
It seems like everyday a studio is talking about how they won't be supporting Wii U
Donnieboi  +   1034d ago
^ This.
Hicken  +   1034d ago
I wish I could believe Nintendo when they say this, but reality seems to tell a completely different story.
Theyellowflash30  +   1034d ago
Yet Ubisoft just announced Splinter Cell Blacklist for the Wii U, and Warner Bros announced Batman Origins for the Wii U.... I guess you guys hear what you want.

Deep Silver not supporting the Wii U is no big deal. Dead Island sucked, and Saints Row is garbage.
deafdani  +   1034d ago
Hey, Saints Row is great! D:<

Come, at me brah! *pounds chest*
truechainz  +   1034d ago
Well Nintendo did say they have a Wii U 3rd party direct still to come so it may be true, but also just as likely is that Nintendo considers Ubisoft to be "plenty of third party support".
BosSSyndrome  +   1034d ago
Shit, I forgot about that...
Dj7FairyTail  +   1034d ago
Epic Games never supported Nintendo with a game
EA is butthurt over origin
Deep Silver never supported Nintendo with a game
CaptainN  +   1034d ago
I suggest you pay attention to all the Indy developers then who on a daily basis are annoucing Wii-U games......the Eshop has attracted many game developers lately...maybe the big third parties are ignoring the U, but don't pretend like all developers are. And Let's be honest, big companies like EA who are pulling support, yet being voted worst company of the year are not really in the fans good graces as it is. Ubisoft is giving full support, minus that Rayman screwjob.. so multiplats like Assassins Creed 4, Splinter Cell & Watchdogs are coming from them. Sega has said it has many games in development for the U so losing a game like Aliens is minor.

Square/Enix is bringing an upgraded port of Deus Ex, as well as just releasing Dragon Quest X in Japan last week, And Capcom just recently released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, as well as annoucing multiplat games like Resident Evil Revelations, Ducktales and Dungeons & Dragons.

So while there aren't tons of exclusive games, it not like there aren't games coming down the pipeline....
GreenRanger  +   1034d ago
Where they at?!
Are they over here? Are they over there?
Cam977  +   1034d ago
Of course they would say that. They only say that because the 3rd party support it has is good for Nintendo in comparison to previous consoles such as the Wii.
khowat  +   1034d ago
Nintendo lies
LOL_WUT  +   1034d ago
Yeah bunch of broken promises. ;)
guitarded77  +   1034d ago
Nintendo "spins" everything. I mean all companies spin bad press, but Nintendo is in a league of their own. Reggie has a promising career as a sleazy used car salesman if he ever gets canned from Nintendo.

Nintendo does have support from Ubi which is good, but they need EA, Activision, CAPCOM and Konami too. All have high selling classic and contemporary titles which pair well with Nintendo exclusives.

Along with third party multi-platform support, they need 3rd party exclusives... which they aren't doing as bad in that area. The 3rd party exclusives like Bayonetta, LEGO City Undercover and Wonderful 101 are more of a system seller than the multi-plats.

We know Nintendo isn't being truthful with us... I just hope they're being truthful with themselves behind closed doors, so they can rectify the problem.
BlmThug  +   1034d ago
Guess this supposed 'support' is hiding under a rock, just like Reggie when it comes to reality
Trago1337  +   1034d ago
It'll get more more multiplats once the install base grows enough, it's pretty simple, just look at the ps3 at launch and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Jobesy  +   1034d ago
That is such a lie you even stuttered typing it. Sony has NEVER lacked 3rd party console support from PS1 to PS4. Nintendo on the other hand, well...
Trago1337  +   1034d ago
Remember the PS3 Launch, and how many developers were making games for Xbox 360 instead? Games like you guys had to wait years for Bioshock 1, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Hell even Mass Effect 1.

Remember those "PS3 HAS NO GAMES" memes that plagued the system in 2006-2008?

Exactly, I know what I'm talking about, Don't be like Booker Dewitt and create your own memories LOL.
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salva21  +   1034d ago
Don't even try convincing somebody here that Sony did something wrong. They're saying Nintendo brainwashes they're fans, but also, Sony's their God.
rainslacker  +   1034d ago
I remember people saying such things, and they say it now with the Vita, and neither case is accurate. Sony never had a 3-1/2 month interval between launch day and the next game release like the Wii U has. Sony also had a confirmed line up for the whole year. It wasn't vast, but it was there and included 1st and 3rd party support.

Wii U does have a few games trickling out over the summer, but everything is multi-plat, and then it's not until august when other firm release dates are there, but again all multi-plat. Hopefully E3 brings some more confirmed games and release dates.
Trago1337  +   1034d ago

Good god, it's like any criticism towards Sony is met with irrational and bias comments.

Please don't sit here and act like the PS3 was doing well from the years of 2006-2008, it was the laughing stock of the games industry at the time.

Now is the PS3 my favorite console of this generation? YES. Do you know why? It's because Sony got their act together for the most part in the latter half of this Gen. Exclusive after exclusive, PlayStation Plus, Multiplats that WEREN'T crap.

They had problems and they set out to fix it, And like the PS3, the wii U is having it's problems, but Nintendo should do everything they can to fix it. Starting with the Marketing.

More people buying Wii U's means Third party devs will show interest in bringing games to the platform, hence, MONEY.

is it really that hard for you guys?
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deafdani  +   1034d ago

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LastXeno  +   1034d ago
"Here’s the other third-party titles confirmed for the Wii U in the coming year:

Injustice: Gods Among Us
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Resident Evil: Revelations
Fast & Furious
Sniper Elite V2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Directors Cut
Ducktales Remastered
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Spin the Bottle
Scram Kitty and the his Buddy on Rails"

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_QQ_  +   1034d ago
don't forget watchdogs, AC4, and Batman orgins. sure not as much the competition will have, but who buys consoles for handicapped third party games anyway?Nintendo has enough exclusives to not need much third party anyway.
madjedi  +   1034d ago
Damn and i wonder why alot of 3rd party developers are telling both nintendo and it's fans, basically go screw yourself.

Holy shit you mean 3rd parties don't build their games specifically around your console of choice for the players benefit.

That is what 1st party devs are for, i swear everytime i read this same bs from a nintendo fan, it always comes off as a whiney little brat throwing a tantrum because they didn't get their way.

Welcome to the club, 3rd parties don't baby ps3/360 or pc owners either not sure why it should be surprising that the wii u is any different.

Ubisoft must love nintendo because they are the only 3rd party devs actively supporting it.

"Injustice: Gods Among Us
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Resident Evil: Revelations
Fast & Furious
Sniper Elite V2
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Directors Cut
Ducktales Remastered
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
Mutant Mudds Deluxe
Spin the Bottle*
Scram Kitty and the his Buddy on Rails*"

"don't forget watchdogs, AC4, and Batman orgins. sure not as much the competition will have, but who buys consoles for handicapped third party games anyway?Nintendo has enough exclusives to not need much third party anyway."

I love that guy a. see see your wrong it does have 3rd party support, guy b. don't forget blah blah blah, but all 3rd party games are shitty half assed turds. Nintendo's own games are 10x better than any 3rd party effort will be, so why bother with 3rd party wii u games really.

Having enough exclusives is all well and good, if you can't release them to keep people from complaining i have no reason to x product on your failing badly.
_QQ_  +   1034d ago
I have a pc that will run third party games better than both current gen consoles and ps4/720, but nice assumption. If you still don't get it, i'm saying third parties are best on pc, so i don't get the console version.
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abzdine  +   1034d ago
ok but where are the games? i can mainly see ports from last year. And nothing really worth buying a Wii U cause i can play same games on my PS3 with same graphics.

Ninteno machines are about Nintendo games, that's it! Now release a 3D Mario and a Zelda please.
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lilbroRx  +   1034d ago
You can't get Trine 2 Director's Cut, Most Wanted U or Deus Ex Director's cut anywhere near the same graphics on the PS3.

You also can't get Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate, ZombiU, TokiTori 2, Little Inferno, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, need I go on?
abzdine  +   1034d ago
i will not buy a console to play director's cut of a few franchises i already own on PS3 just because they use the gamepad.

and the exclusives you just quoted apart from Bayonetta 2 again nothing is a must buy, at least not for me. i will buy Wii U the day they will release Mario and Zelda on it.
salva21  +   1034d ago
I don't wanna change your mind, but if you ever get a Wii U, you HAVE to buy ZombiU. You just have.
lilbroRx  +   1034d ago
Last I checked, most Wii U games were still under development.

Third party devs who are supporting them at the moment who I can name off the top of my head:
1. Square-Enix
2. Capcom
3. Namco-Bandai
4. Konami
5. Sega
6. Platinum Games
7. Ubisoft
8. GrassHopper Manufacturer
9. Atlus
11.505 Games
12.TT Games
13.Warner Bros Interactive
15.NetherRealm Studios
16.Tecmo Koei
17.Criterion Games
And a TON of Indie devs.

Seems like plenty of support to me.

Don't now why I'm posting this though. It seems this news hast attracted the attention of mass Nintendo haters. Truth/Facts/Reality no longer mean much if anything. Though, I would still rather stand up to adversity.
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PopRocks359  +   1034d ago
People are looking for third party support akin to what the Playstation, Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 have had. Wii U has some third party support, but it's obviously not up to the same level as what Sony has with the PS4 or what Microsoft had this past generation.

Though to claim that the third party support is a big zero is an exaggeration. Monster Hunter and Lego City came out just a few weeks ago and neither were so much as published by Nintendo.
n4f  +   1034d ago
ea is not suporting wiiu with battlefield and stuff so wiiu is t3h d0om!!!11
hollabox  +   1034d ago
That list is not very long, many gamers are not buying $300 plus console just to play Indie games, that's what Android and App IOS devices are for. Any who article listed 11 third party games, its amazing Nintendo considers 11 third party games great third party support going forward. True they have had third party games released, good ones, but good lord those sales numbers are low. Many games not even cracking 50,000 sold. All games listed will probably sell less than 100,000 units like most third party games since the Wii days.

Nintendo needs to be real with itself, they have been surviving off 1st part support since N64 days, but this business model is starting to fail. The Wii sold over 70 million units, but flat lined the last couple of years, mostly from the lack of third party support and technology. I mean playing Wii games on 60 inch HDTVs yuck.

Having UBISOFT on their support is great, I think they need Take2 as well but third party sales needs to pick up before Take2 take the financial risk.
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quantae06  +   1034d ago
Add on to the fact that it's still early, so more 3rd party support can be on the Wii U during it's life cycle.
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1upgamer99  +   1034d ago
This is why I choose to own A Wii U and PS3/4. If the ports don't make it to the Wii U, well guess what I buy it for PS3/4. If the port does make it to the Wii U I will buy the better version plain and simple.
There is no way I would pass up what I already have on Wii U like Zombi U, Need F S, Monster Hunter, BOPS2, Lego City, Runner 2, Trine 2. I also would not pass up on Xenoblades2, Wonderful 101, Zelda Windwaker, Bayonetta2.
I think it will be interesting when Injustice and RE Revelations are released on Wii U along with PS360. I know that PS360 are going to sell more that is a given, but I am interested in seeing how the versions compare to Wii U. I doubt I will buy Injustice, but I will buy RE. I just want to see which version out of the two I should buy, and that will be determined by gameplay. Since RE was a 3DS game I am almost certain the Wii U version will be the better one.
hectic   1034d ago | Spam
HG_69   1034d ago | Spam
BATRA  +   1034d ago
LastXeno  +   1034d ago
Funny how you don't mention the ones that ARE coming out such as:

Splinter Cell BlackList, Rainbow Six Patriots, Watch Dogs, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed IV, Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut, Injustice, or Resident Evil Revelations...
BATRA  +   1034d ago
rainslacker  +   1034d ago

I'll be the first on here to criticize Nintendo's lack of releasing titles, but really in that whole list you can only find one game you may like? I know pickings are slim, but there are good games on the system now, and while I wish I had more to look forward to(I'm buying most of those on other systems), there is hard core support for it. My only beef is the lack of firm confirmation dates, as well as first party titles, and this constant, "The games are coming" mantra that Nintendo is taking.

Also, turn off your caps lock.
_QQ_  +   1034d ago
How are a bunch of basic shooters "hardcore games" plus what starwars game is even coming out on any system right now? and monolith's X will be better than Destiny.
BATRA  +   1034d ago
AKR  +   1034d ago
Haven't you people ever heard of "unannounced titles"? Of course the system wouldn't have the same plethora of games as the X360 and the PS3 have now. Those are established, 7 year old consoles. The Wii U is a 4-month, fairly new console, that has yet to find it's voice yet.

Nintendo did mention that their are some unannounced titles on the horizon, and there's still E3 where third-party devs who are currently supporting the system can make new annoucements of their own. Last time I checked, the precious 360 an PS3 weren't rolling in massive support their first year either, but now look at them? The 3DS SURELY wasn't rolling in an influx of quality games when it first released, but how about now? Even Vita can be considered to be waking up now.

It's the same pattern across the board. The first year is usually relatively quiet, as devs transition from one generation of tech to another. But by the 2nd/3rd year, things start to gain steady momentum. Don't see why people are acting like this is anything new . . .
RogueStatus28  +   1034d ago
There's only one place you can get exclusives such as Mario, Zelda, and Smash Bros on top of third party such as Batman Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, and Watch Dogs.
Oh_Yeah  +   1034d ago
danitanzo  +   1034d ago
Well, compared to the wii..... yeaah...
jeromjenkins  +   1034d ago
Why no Madden 25? The integration of the game pad seems like a no brainer
#21 (Edited 1034d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
stragomccloud  +   1034d ago
Because EA really hates Nintendo right now for not making EA's Origin their online service.
ylwzx3  +   1034d ago
Usually im not like this but I think Nintendo will turn it around @ E3. If they don't, then things won't be pretty.
Sagetech  +   1034d ago
Nintendo rules the handheld console space with an iron fist but when it comes to home consoles they wouldn't know third party support if it hit them in the face and dropped it's ID card.
Realplaya  +   1034d ago
Usually I read the article and move on but these comments are downright funny. There is a lot of fanboy rage on a page for a console they don't own.

The funny part is after the new systems relase are people expecting them to have 40 all new games that aren't ports ?
Do people expect the new systems to ship millions of units within months of release?

Do people think that developers who can't move units will only make games for that system?

Here are few things consider Nintendo is selling there system at a loss.
What will the price point be for the next systems.

Games whichever system has the best games will imo lead the next gen. Variety can your 300 plus dollar machine offer more than the other machines. E3 how do you win E3 ? Whoever wins it IMO will be in front this is a pivotal point for consumers.
RFornillos4  +   1034d ago
act'ly for me it doesn't matter how many 3rd parties support the Wii U. all those listed by lilbroRx is plenty enough. and he didn't even include 2nd party like Retro and Monolith Studios.

oh yeah, you won't get BF4 on the Wii U -- or. maybe Dead Island, or The Elder Scrolls, but those are games best experienced on a PC gaming rig anyway. yes, Madden 25 won't be coming to the Wii U, but we all know the main reason EA's not bringing many games to the Wii U. yes, we won't see Uncharted, God of War or Halo on the U, but hey, they're exclusives anyway.

truth of the matter is, there are plenty of 3rd party devs (and indie devs) supporting the Wii U. many unannounced games. it may not be be as much as that of PS3 and XBox360, but enough to have a variety of games. it's only 4-5 months old; and when the user base of Wii U's reached a considerable level, pretty sure we'll be hearing more 3rd party games come in.
DivineAssault  +   1034d ago
im not seeing them nor have i read anything about anything coming.. Shovel ware from 3rd party is there.. Iwata neednt wait until the nx fiscal quarter to step down.. Do it now.. Nintendo needs a new president with fresh & modernized ideals
#26 (Edited 1034d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1034d ago
Wii u don't need every 3rd party game they just need the big games like GTA5 and Watchdog.
delboy  +   1034d ago
No need for EVERY 3rd party game, no one needs or buys medicore games.
Quality over quantity, just bring the best of the best for WiiU.
ziratul  +   1034d ago
Don't trust your eyes, trust Nintendo!
o-Sunny-o  +   1033d ago
I think they meant indie games...boy Nintendo get off it and release something that matters. I'm already bored of drawing.
profgerbik  +   1033d ago
If they are seriously saying this they must be delusional. I am not saying the system will never see better support but right now there hasn't been too much of it.

They need to acknowledge that and address the problem, not pull a Miyamoto thinking their way is always the best way. No offense to Miyamoto but some of the things he has said about gaming have just been completely wrong.

They need to just give people at least a plan or some sign that there will be better third party support down the line. I understand the Wii U is still very new, I am willing to give it time but I don't want to hear nonsense. Nintendo telling people they have plenty..

Sometimes I feel like it's the majority of idiotic Nintendo fans that are holding the company back. Not enough of them ever ask for more out of the company besides the same things they have been making for 30 years.. I hate hearing "We don't need third part support. We just want first party".. Just seems wrong, doesn't seem like it will ever help Nintendo it will just keep their picky ass fans happy.

Sadly it is more than just a software problem with what the fan demands but the fact they never want better hardware either. Not saying the Wii U is shit but it should be a lot better, just like the 3DS could have been better or least built better.

I like Sony but I don't sit around buying nothing but first party titles then talking about how I don't need third party support on the system really. It is just selfish.

Some people like me for instance are freaking tired of playing the same Nintendo games, I don't feel like there is enough new ones. Sure maybe on the 3DS there is plenty.. Seems like that is all they care about is the 3DS.
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