Rev3games- Guacamelee Review

Rev:Here's Max Scoville's review of Guacamelee,The Metroidvania beat-em up about a magical lunchadore trying to rescue EL Presidente's daughter

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TongkatAli1173d ago

This game is more Castlvania then the one on the 3DS : D

Number-Nine1173d ago

i want to play this. looks interesting

first1NFANTRY1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

glad it wasn't reviewed by Sessler. that's right, i'm still bitter over the GOW debacle he created. bald headed walking pen!s lol

Genuine-User1173d ago

Did you even watch the video? Lol

MidnytRain1173d ago

Oh come on. That was the fuss everyone created in RESPONSE to his video. No one told these journalists and bloggers to make a hundred articles about it!