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Submitted by Broll 1038d ago | opinion piece

Will The Wii U Survive?

Cheatcc says: "The Wii U has been on the market only a few months, the PS4 won't be launched until the end of the year, and we still don't have an official announcement on the next Xbox. Yet the Wii U is already projected to lose the next-gen console war. This is baffling to me.

Now, I'm not here to claim the Wii U will emerge victorious; only time will be the judge of that. What I can do is explain its advantages and expose its weaknesses, and extrapolate a bit about what that means for the future." (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

Donnieboi  +   1038d ago
You know it's not a good sign when people ask this question on virtually every game site every other day.
thezeldadoth  +   1038d ago
really? what about when they did that for the PS3....
Zodiac  +   1038d ago
And the Vita,Wii,PS2,DS, etc... Even the consoles that cam running out of the gate got articles questioning how long they would last.
Donnieboi  +   1038d ago
Yeah, but at least at the time, the PS3 could compete technologically with it's competitors. So they were able to get 3rd party support (via ports) while the price of the ps3 dropped over time. See, that is what hurt the ps3. But the Wii U's problems stem from a whole slew of issues, that even Dragon Quest X and Monster Hunter couldn't turn around (for long). Wii U will keep getting last gen and a few cross gen ports until it can't handle Unreal Engine 4, Luminous Engine, Panta Rhei engine, Activisions next gen engine, etc. So what's the Wii U's excuse?

Pffftt, Nintendo didn't even have the insight to give people a bigger harddrive than 32GB or an Ethernet Port for online gaming (without them having to go out and buy them). Man all I can do is laugh at the choices Iwata is making. I wish Nintendo would go back to being like the NES and SNES when it came to 3rd party love and making sensible decisions tech wise.
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thezeldadoth  +   1038d ago
i knew i'd sign back on and some Sony soldier would be spewing some shit about the situation being "differrennntt"
Realplaya  +   1037d ago
Even though they can't hang there still making money.

Nintendo has seen an 11% rise in stock value, which now stands at 11,850 yen, the largest gain since 2008.
SethADrekin  +   1038d ago
They've been saying this crap about every Nintendo since the Sega Genesis came out.
PopRocks359  +   1038d ago
"Man all I can do is laugh at the choices Iwata is making."

Barring your overall flawed logic, this statement in particular is both ignorant and delusional. You seriously think a single man makes all of the decisions at one of gaming's biggest corporations? Like Sony, Microsoft and any large scale company, Nintendo's overall choices are pitched and executed by many, many people. Iwata has power as president sure, but he doesn't hold all the power. But as usual you feel the need to scapegoat someone to validate your complaints with no real basis or logic behind it.
Jek_Porkins  +   1038d ago
Yes, yes it will.
LOL_WUT  +   1038d ago
Lets not get ahead of ourselves lets just wait it out shall we? ;)
Jek_Porkins  +   1038d ago
Give me a break, I didn't buy into the whole PS3 is dead thing, and I'm not getting into this.
finite  +   1038d ago
They said the same thing about the wii and that has not much third party support so yes, get used to it.
josephayal  +   1038d ago
I think the Wii U is in trouble, I don't think Nintendo will makes its own hardware ten years from now
SethADrekin  +   1038d ago
Nintendo has Billions of dollars in the Bank. They could never sell another Wii U and still have the Money to create Two More Generations of Consoles.
WilliamH  +   1038d ago
Amen to that sister
thezeldadoth  +   1038d ago
once you dig out of the sony pit called N4G and look at real factual numbers, Nintendo has been selling at a profit the entire Wii generation, AND outselling the competition. Sony actually is the one that can't screw up this time or their games division is gone. Disagree all you want, but you're disagreeing with facts, kind of like a religious following.
WilliamH  +   1038d ago
Yes but common sense, hard facts & well written comments have no place here on dung mountain (N4G)
stragomccloud  +   1038d ago
You're the first person I've seen here besides me that has compared the fanboyism here to religious fanaticism. It's very true.
Realplaya  +   1037d ago
Read this I think Sony is in trouble. I don't think they make another system after this one.
Dan_scruggs  +   1038d ago
Last I checked Nintendo was the only one of the big three that wasn't losing billions ever fiscal year. I think Nintendo will be just fine.

Nintendo posted a 30 million loss last year and it was the first time ever in the company's history. Meanwhile Sony loses 6 Billion last year yet no one thinks they should leave the biz. Seems like a blind way of looking at things.

Also the 3DS will get back to being DOOOOOMED right after it takes its boot off of the Vita's neck. Patients is virtue people.
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Shadowsteal  +   1038d ago
Patience is a virtue. I doubt you even know what a virtue is. If you're going to use the saying wrong.
Dan_scruggs  +   1038d ago
Why patience is a virtue?

The phrase "patience is a virtue" is just a way of expressing the importance of being patient.

Literally the first thing that come up when you GOOGLE it...
GotHDGame  +   1038d ago
Something most people do not understand, a fiscal loss does not mean that is how much money the company actually lost. Those numbers are against projected sales not actual sales. So if a company projects 5 million in sales and only sells 3 million that is a 2 million dollar loss.
Xer0_SiN  +   1038d ago
it could last! if this was the 32 bit era, when there was playstation, saturn, and the "64 bit" jaguar. it would be a beast. now? not so much.
NYC_Gamer  +   1038d ago
Wii-U will survive because Nintendo fans love Mario and other Nintendo first party titles
lilbroRx  +   1038d ago
No, the Wii U will survive because it is a good console and it will offer better graphics than the last gen consoles at a lower cost than the other two next gen consoles on top of having unique games and exclusives like Bayonetta 2.

The Wii U will survive because it will have good games and it will be fun to play.
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khowat  +   1038d ago
I'm getting real tired of your bulls**t NYC
With your passive aggressive attitude

Nintendo fans like nintendo for many other games too

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ZeekQuattro  +   1037d ago
Just ignore NYC_Gamer. Not all trolls can be best described as having one bubble. He stereotypes Nintendo console owners as only playing Nintendo games and nothing else. That's just plain dumb and ignorant in my book. In short he's a troll with a lot of bubbles.
AHall88  +   1038d ago
People were screaming doom and gloom about the 3DS and look how it's doing.
The Wii U will be fine once games start coming out.
Not sure why there's so much hate for the one console maker who's focusing on a unique VIDEO GAME experience.
wenaldy  +   1038d ago
I want Sony's PS4 and Ninty's Wii U to success.. Not so much about MSTRKFRT's Nextbox..
SharpPixel  +   1038d ago
Of course.
GotHDGame  +   1038d ago
Yes Nintendo is going to make it. With a system that finally has a little power the games are going to look and play great. At least the first party games. With Pikmin, Bayonetta, Zelda Wind Waker, Xenoblade 2, Wonderful 101, Super Luigi U, Plus the others already out like Lego City, Monster Hunter, Zombi U there are some good reasons to pick up a Wii U. Plus games like Fatal Frame, and possibly Eternal Darkness coming down the pipeline. I personally hope Eternal Darkness gets announced, but this was the 5th time Nintendo renewed the trademark.
LastXeno  +   1038d ago
Am I sick of these articles? We get around 3 of these per day, not being a prick but didn't read.
hectic   1038d ago | Spam
jcnba28  +   1038d ago
Yes without a doubt.
PygmelionHunter  +   1038d ago
"Did you think I'd crumble? Did you think I'd lay down and die? Oh, no, not I, I will survive!"
trenso1  +   1038d ago
yes i think i might pick one up once pikmin 3 is released, plus once the the SSB is released that should move some consoles it only needs more desirable games imo
hollabox  +   1037d ago
Nintendo has allot of money in the bank, their fist party support will be strong but they need to impress allot of people at E3. Nintendo also needs to develop their own engines and release it to third party developers, something to my knowledge they have not done. UE3 is only going to be around for soo much longer and with no engines that can get down to the metal Wii are seeing graphics only on par with 7 year old hardware.
AKR  +   1037d ago
For the love of crimedy . . . Why do these articles keep getting approved? I mean honestly, it's virtually the same article, spouting the same rant. Only difference is the host website and the author. Come on N4G - I know this is Sony Fanboy Haven and if anyone dare speaks negatively of Sony it's off with their heads - but is the manufactured hate towards Nintendo and even Microsoft necessary?

I see that people are quite quick to stereotype Nintendo fans as being "Drones who only like to play Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. And who try to convince themselves it's okay to be playing on last-gen tech" (Yeah, like that's the truth) - But seems like a lot of Sony fan"boys" (there's a difference between being a FAN and a FANBOY) have to be the most stuck-up, vicious and arrogant out of the three groups of fanatics. Honestly, it's like because Sony is the one with the most powerful console (only for the 2nd time now - out of the 4 home consoles they've released), it's as if they've inherited some giant fortune from their parents and now their treating everything and everybody else like they're not even in the same league.

It's pitiful, honestly. To be real, I'd be concerned about the PS4 and Sony instead of Wii U and Nintendo. Why? Well, Sony is the one who's hurting the most financially. It's good for them that they're sporting the most powerful console ever created - but that powerful tech comes at a pretty hefty price(tag). All this hype, kicking-&-screaming, and virtual worship to the PS4 is only until that "supercharged PC architecture tech" price is announced. The PS3 wasn't worth $599 when it released, but the PS4 has to be at $450 the least. Add the $299 Vita (in order to get Remote Play and second-screen features), and you're looking at $749. Don't forget to add extra controllers and of course games.

My point is - it's a nice console, but it's an expensive console. An expensive console that's being released in a terrible economy. Back in 06 when the PS3 was released, at least most people had $600 to throw around. Now, money is tighter and more people are out of jobs. Sony (literally) can't afford to sell the PS4 the same way they sold the PS3, or you'll really have to be considering "Can the PS4 and Sony Survive?"

I'm not trying to doom the PS4 or Sony here. I'm just stating facts. I wish all three to do the best they can, but this hate/ doom-&-gloom is getting annoying and down-right immature. It really doesn't need to happen with EVERY, NEW, RELEASE just for the sake of website traffic.
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Realplaya  +   1037d ago
Read this in a article. Nintendo has seen an 11% rise in stock value, which now stands at 11,850 yen, the largest gain since 2008.

How much has sony or microsoft seen.

Sony (ADR) Stock Woes: PS4 Release May Not Save Struggling Tech Giant

Sony fans should read that link.
DivineAssault  +   1037d ago
these articles are hilarious to me.. The nintendo fans lash out with anger when they see this.. Why? if theyre confident that wii u will be fine, they wouldnt waste time defending it so much & giving these articles so many hits

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