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Guacamelee Review: Juan or two players | Joystiq

Joystiq: "The clumsy evolution of combat aside, I'd heartily recommend Guacamelee – once for its devilish difficulty, again for its luchadorable charm, and one last time for its even-handed treatment of the lowly video game chicken." (Guacamelee, PS Vita, PS3) 4/5

Cryptcuzz  +   784d ago
What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball?

Answer: Juan on Juan

Damn I am terrible at this!! I am going to go timeout now...:(

OT: This game seems really fun, I have yet to purchase it but I certainly will.

I like how you have to use certain moves to traverse the terrain and advance. I miss old school game play like this. Will indeed support this game considering it is also cross buy for both Vita and PS3.
ziggurcat  +   783d ago
if you're a PS+ member, $12 for both versions is a steal. playing it right now, and it's really great! lots of references to other video games, lots of references to various memes (grumpy cat, ikea monkey, insanity wolf, etc...).

the game kind of reminds me of legend of zelda II.
Cryptcuzz  +   783d ago
Yes I do have PS+, I will certainly be getting this game soon as like you said, it IS a steal at $12 to be able to play on the Vita as well as the PS3.

If the game reminds you of Zelda, then one cannot go wrong in purchasing this game, especially at that price.

Thanks for the insightful comment, now when I play it, I will keep an eye out for all the references you have mentioned. Cheers.
WalterWJR  +   783d ago
Indie goty
grailly  +   783d ago
battleblock theatre is as good as guacamelee imo, it's just great to get 2 great indie games like these inside of a week.

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