How Warner Bros Will Fill Rocksteady’s Shoes for Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins, featuring new content such as Deathstroke, caught the wide attention of the public eye when it was announced that Warner Bros. Montreal will fill in for Rocksteady on development of the title. Here's why you should rest assured that the title's future is in good hands, and the series future seems to be on target for longevity as well.

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Yomaster2051d ago

Not really sure how I feel about Rocksteady being pulled off development of the new Arkham installment, especially considering their awesome track record thus far...

Hitman07692051d ago

I'm pretty sure they are working on something bigger and better and that's the only reason this shift is occurring. We are about to see a next generation console cycle.

Garethvk2050d ago

I was not as impressed with City as I was with Asylum.