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Dark Souls 2 Gameplay Reveal - 12 Minute Demo

The 12 minute gameplay debut of Dark Souls 2 has been released, courtesy of IGN. (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Prcko  +   594d ago
TopDudeMan  +   594d ago
GOTY - everyone make sure you watch the Q+A
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RyuCloudStrife  +   594d ago
I disagree.
xHeavYx  +   594d ago
I can already picture myself throwing the controller against the wall
omi25p  +   594d ago
it looks exactly the same as the last one.
DragonKnight  +   594d ago
Where's the Q+A video?

My impressions of the game: Loving the visuals of it. Much better lighting overall and more detail put into it even at this stage.

Hopefully my reflexes are the reason I felt that the enemies seemed too easy, or it's just because of the demo, but that "surprise attack" event bothered me.

I'm loving the world, and the destructible environments.

Combat has changed. It seems more fluid in addition to maintaining the tight controls of the previous games. I'm loving the weapon swap upgrade though.

I hope they will allow parrying with the torch, but I can see them not.

All in all, it looks to be in-keeping with the Souls series and I'm hyped for it.

**EDIT** Found the other video. I watched the gameplay somewhere else. LOL.
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Irishguy95  +   594d ago
Here's proof to all those moaners about 'accessibility'

I like that the game looks better. Don't really care much though, i'm glad to see Souls series return again.

And why do you say that @ Below? There is no reason to believe that especially judging from the vid, it looks like a new souls game with better graphics, it seems the new producer hasn't done anything bad and it was as originally intended/ Souls game with more accessibility.
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ps3_pwns  +   594d ago
dont think this one is goty lol. demon souls and darksouls 1 are probably better.
SegataSanshiro  +   594d ago
Here's hoping for a Sega Saturn edition
Ser  +   594d ago
That's a good thing, omi25p. If it's anywhere near as good as the first two games, I'll be happy.
nix  +   593d ago
dang i was right... last time i had said they will be showing 9 mins of dying... and how i was right.

which game shows deaths on their first demo..

looks great though.
Blacktric  +   593d ago
"Here's proof to all those moaners about 'accessibility'"

Being able to carry three weapons EACH HAND sure means they didn't dumb the game down. And don't get me started on the extremely obvious item indication effects...

Subtlety in design's been thrown out of the window.
Game4life  +   594d ago
Praise the dragons !
InMyOpinion  +   593d ago
Imminent despair ahead.
Starbucks_Fan  +   594d ago
Sweet, this game will help me fill up the swear jar ten fold.
camel_toad  +   594d ago
Awesome indeed. I'm officially looking forward to this game more than anything else. Really surprised at the graphics too. Can't wait!
Nevers  +   594d ago
Day one for me... but I knew this before it was even going to be announced. Love the Souls games.
flyingmunky  +   594d ago
From Software keeps on putting out pure quality. I don't know who all keeps coming out with such crazy and unique enemy design, but I love it! This studio is really on a roll.
carroll3   593d ago | Spam
Donnieboi  +   594d ago
Sweeet!! This game is gonna be amazing!
landog  +   594d ago
graphically it looks about on par with the pc version of ds1.....cannot wait to see this thing maxed on my pc...will look 10x better i imagine

gameplay of course will be AMAZING on all platforms
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fossilfern  +   594d ago
Some of the Animation, particle effects, lighting and cloth physics are alot better! But I agree this will look outstanding on PC!
MestreRothN4G  +   594d ago
Rockefellow  +   594d ago
Yep, because we all know how well DS1 was optimized for PC. Get your head out of your ass and stop posting these stupidly-veiled slanderous comments. Just because you threw a small comment about "all platforms" at the end doesn't make it any less backhanded (or dumb, for that matter).
AnteCash  +   594d ago
Yea its FLYING on my amd quad 3.2Ghz , 6770 , 4GB ram ...........NOT

PC and Optimization dont belong in the same sentence.
landog  +   594d ago
runs at 2560x1600 at locked 30 frames, never below, with massive, MASSIVEly better graphics than the ps3 version i played

and yes, it looks way better than that sub-hd, 720p video on ign.....that better have been last gen console gameplay.....becasue it looks worse than ds1 on my pc

just being honest...butthurt all you want
Reverent  +   593d ago
@landog, lol that is a load of crap. I've got the game on both my PC and my PS3 and there is virtually ZERO difference even when you have high resolution mods, etc.

Give it a rest, we know PC games usually look better; that doesn't mean sh*t in this game's case.
MysticStrummer  +   593d ago
@landdog - Who are you trying to convince, yourself or people that don't know better?
Banok  +   593d ago
downvoted by ragin consolers. ironic because it probably looks WORSE than ds1 on pc.

apart from a few cool new wind effects, it looks same as ds1 but as a pc gamer I notice the horrible low resolution.
DeletedAcc  +   594d ago
That was impressive!
hennessey86  +   594d ago
the graphics
are poor, hoping the PC version is better this time

@below- already have :)
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MestreRothN4G  +   594d ago
You should try the Crysis series, specially Crysis 2.
You'll love it!
pandaboy  +   593d ago
EdoubleD  +   594d ago
How is the graphics poor?
flyingmunky  +   594d ago
After all the complaints that PC gamers had against the first game's port I don't think they should make a PC version. It is pretty clear that PC gamers are more interested in graphics than anything else.
MuhammadJA  +   593d ago
Or if these guys don't know how to code for PC, then we don't want their games.
despair  +   593d ago
they said long before the PC version was released that it would be a direct port and they were not familiar with PC development on the whole. So they admitted, before release, that it was not going to be improved and for giving a straight answer I applaud them and will continue to support them (on consoles though).
Ser  +   594d ago
Do you enjoy video games only for the graphics? If so, that's pretty depressing.
despair  +   593d ago
graphics might not be everything but it plays a big part of games, that said I thought the game looked good, not sure where the "poor graphics" comment came from, its not best of the best quality but it still has a nice ambiance to it and great designs(which are part of the term "graphics").
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EdoubleD  +   594d ago
Nice, I'm really looking forward to what's to come.
Deputydon  +   594d ago
Gotta love the people that commented on how amazing the game looks before they even had time to watch the entire video...
Captain Qwark 9  +   594d ago
doesnt look too much different than the last but that is by no means a bad thing in this case, why mess with perfection. prob going to be the best game ever like the last was!!!!!!!!! cannot wait!
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jobboy  +   594d ago
really good! hope the framerate can handle this gfx this time...
darkziosj  +   594d ago
well at least they keep the same combat and not fuck it all up like ff13/ dragon age 2
Kaiou  +   594d ago
FF13 combat was actually the best thing about the game though
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Ashlen  +   594d ago
Looks great! I'm looking forward to playing it.
They used to say "want dark souls? get a console and stop complainging!!"
Look at me now!!! Complaining got me a pc version!

Success story ended..
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Tultras  +   594d ago
How did you manage to misspell 'complaining' in the first sentence, but managed to get it right in the second?
Ducky  +   593d ago
He learns from his mistakes.
Tainted Gene  +   593d ago
lol it was just ONE "g". smh
ziggurcat  +   593d ago
and PC elitists complaining also got an easy difficulty setting...
Transporter47  +   594d ago
Wonder if they will ever do another Demon Souls, instead of just Dark Souls, i know they are similar but it be cool to have another Demon souls
cpayne93  +   594d ago
Yeah I really wish they would make a Demon's Souls 2, I really liked the art and atmosphere of Demon's Souls better.
AKS  +   593d ago
It's doubtful. They changed the name to Dark Souls because they wanted to go multiplatform, and the quality was maintained quite well in the transition. There were definitely some things I liked better about Demon's Souls, but there were also some aspects of Dark Souls that were a major step forward, including one of the most amazingly well integrated game worlds I've seen. I didn't realize how well the areas were interwoven until I started opening shortcuts and started to get a sense of where everything is located. Also, the Covenant system was quite interesting; I want to see that continue for more PVP and jolly cooperation.

One thing I'd really like to see improved is more unique perks to various branches of upgrades, such as HP regen with Demon's Souls' Blessed weapons. There wasn't much difference in Dark Souls by comparison other than which stat modifies damage.

Also, I want them to return to Demon's Souls magic system and dump the limited casting stuff. It's not terribly practical when you can run out of spell casts.
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darren_poolies  +   593d ago
" It's not terribly practical when you can run out of spell casts."

I think that was the point. Meant people couldn't just spam it.
AKS  +   593d ago
You can run out in Demon's Souls, but you can recharge. That animation can get you crushed in PVP.

Perhaps they could find a happy medium and not have any item that gives a huge MP recharge? That is, have grass or whatever that only gives back a modest amount of MP per animation. That way you can't be careless you spells against bosses or in PVP.

My problem with the limited castings system in Dark Souls is that it tends to force you to rely much more heavily on melee, and just about any other build is going to be better at melee than a mage. Mages are already going to have less health, stamina, ect. because they need to put points for spell slots and whatnot.
MysticStrummer  +   593d ago
Man, if Sony announces Demon's Souls 2 as a PS4 title at E3... well... it would be a very good thing.
RedSoakedSponge  +   593d ago
not going to happen..... but i agree! lol
RazMaTaz0121  +   594d ago
People banging on about PC version already? Not to brag but Dark Souls on PC looked awful on PC, and required a bloody mod to make the game much better looking, something FromSoftware couldnt even sort out themselves.

On a side note, this game does look great, surely will be getting it =)
kingduqc  +   594d ago
this game looks blurry as fuck full of aliasing man.
grassyknoll  +   594d ago
I can't believe people are banging on about graphics & particles: This is Dark Souls 2! Nice to see the core elements have been transferred over & the art design looks great. Incredibly excited!
LightofDarkness  +   594d ago
To be fair, the devs themselves opened the video by banging on about graphics.
grassyknoll  +   594d ago
It's nice to see improvements to the engine, but the graphics have never been really important to Dark/Demon Souls (apart from scale). The only thing I would really like is stability in the frame rate.

It just annoy's me people are looking at pixels & particles when this is a potential classic. All the graphic cards in the world can't stop Crysis 3 being shit.
Dynasty  +   594d ago
They also claimed that the final graphical quality will resemble the trailer.

KingMe42  +   593d ago
Actually they said it was just improved. The ones who hyped the graphics was the Edge magazine article, which then it all spread around.

And as far as graphics fo, maybe its not top of the line but you can notice the change in the details. Thats prob what they meant.
ps3_pwns  +   594d ago
i agree once again pc gamers cant shut up avbout graphics this dark souls its not about the graphics. they should of left this console born series on consoles. tired of ungrateful pc pirates not playing there own boring pc games. console devs make the best games as you can see how hyped people are for demon/ dark souls series. but if u havent played them all your not reeally a true fan of the series.
Sandmano  +   594d ago
I haven't given this franchise the attention it deserves I need to finish the first two that are just lying in my game collection...
grahf  +   594d ago
I missed out on Demon's Souls because I fell on the wrong side of the console fence, but Dark Souls was AMAZING. I have entire days logged into Lordran. Do yourself a favor and give them a go.
ZodTheRipper  +   594d ago
Demon's Souls was, imo, a much better game than Dark Souls. (Character/World tendency <3)
But it could also be the fact that Demon's Souls was 100% fresh at it's time so that Dark Souls didn't get me that much. (still over 100h played, of course)
I'd really like to know from someone who played Dark Souls first and then Demon's Souls after that, which of the games he enjoyed more.
vickers500  +   594d ago

My friend, who never shuts up about Dark Souls, played DkS first and then DS, and he liked DkS better. One of the main reasons he mentions being that armor is a lot more important in DkS than it is in DS.
BlackTar187  +   593d ago
I like Demon Souls better I loved the enter doorway theme world gameplay. I have 100's hrs in both games but really enjoyed the central location.

As in regards to armor i use basically no armor in Demon and Dark i roll around lite as a feather for most of both games.
AKS  +   593d ago

Much better? That's a bit of a stretch. Each had their own strengths. Tendencies could be interesting, but they could also be a source of incredible infuriation at times.

I'd say Demon's Souls tended to have less cheap moments (not that either are cheap games; just by comparison) and had more interesting features to the upgrades (HP regen, MP regen, poisoning, critical damage, ect.). I also greatly preferred the magic MP system.

On the other hand, Dark Souls really impressed me with an incredible interweaving of areas in the game world and a very cool Covenant system. I hope they take the best of both games in Dark Souls II.
greatcrusader44  +   593d ago
It probably depends on which game you played first. I only had a 360 when Dark Souls came out so it was the first one I played, eventually got a PS3 and Demon Souls and while I loved the game Dark Souls felt better, prob cuz it was a completely fresh experience, and Demon Souls while different, felt like another Dark Souls (for most people its the other way around but like I said I played Dk Souls first).
GribbleGrunger  +   594d ago
Here's a Youtube link:

thaimasker  +   594d ago
Instant classic imminent
grahf  +   594d ago
I'm only 2 minutes in... did he just use BOTH SWORDS in the finishing attack!?!??!?

<- Stoked
Then a broken pillar!?/!/

Final edit: Done, and can't wait for this to come out.
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funkycoldmedina  +   594d ago
I also noticed three right hand equipment quick swap weapons too (short sword, axe and greatsword) during the dwarf axe throwing segment.
Murad  +   594d ago
That looked super duper awesome. I think this is going to be the second game I'm ever going to pre-order after Awakening.
Dmd  +   594d ago
Looking better this far! Better graphics/animation, better scenaries (the bridge with the dragons was awesome), better combat (if such thing can be even possible) with those extra weapons slots! Can't wait to see more! Hope it will release this year...
#21 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mano5000  +   594d ago
Nobody mentioned this so I'm just going to ask; Will this come out for PS4?
ZodTheRipper  +   594d ago
I hope so and I'd guess so, but it's only confirmed for this gen right now.
josephayal  +   594d ago
not bad for $15
d_dogg2007  +   594d ago
Your welcome Xbox fans! Because of the ps3 and its fans you are even playing this game. Being a Souls vet (Both demon and dark souls platinum) I find it looks a bit cartoony. The graphics are improved but the colors I find give it a cartoony look to it, its not as dark and brooding as the previous two souls games. Not saying it's bad because the difficulty still looks like it's intact. Need to see more for final verdict but I love the souls games!
Swiggins  +   594d ago
You're welcome Americans, Because if it wasn't for Atlus and all their awesomeness, you wouldn't get to play the game at all.

That's you...that's how you look....

But I agree that Soul Series is amazing, hopefully we'll get to see this beast on the PS4 as well as the PS3.
Pentex  +   593d ago
Where you fail is in the fact that d_dogg's comment, while being somewhat uncalled for, is fundamentally true while yours is not.

Demons' Souls hype had reached other parts of the world way before Atlus decided to publish it outside of Asia. The game started having a cult following early on and people from America/Europe started buying in droves the Hong Kong version which was entirely in english.

So it wasn't because of Atlus that people got to play it. When they did see the major success Demons' Souls was, they decided to pick it up and actually kinda indirectly told people to stop importing because they'd release it. To that effect they made a special collector edition with extras to sway people from buying the HK version.

I was one of the people that imported it and played it well before Atlus decided to publish it. The blurb around the game was massive, i had some people message me about the game asking how to import it.
FunAndGun  +   594d ago
That chariot at the end was awesome...definitely an "oh crap" moment!
maniacmayhem  +   594d ago
No need to watch, already will have this game Day 0.
PCfanboy  +   594d ago
This game is beautiful.
Hope to PS4 version
Crystallis  +   594d ago
all those dragons flying looked awesome.
thaimasker  +   594d ago
Lol I remember when everyone was convinced that they f'd it up.
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