Resident Evil: Revelations to Get Season Pass

Hardcore Gamer: The Resident Evil Revelations Season Pass includes 4 pieces of additional content for RAID mode.

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DarkBlood1745d ago

lol oh capcom wouldnt be the same without it huh :P well it is just raid stuff, not exactly a deal breaker for me as i wont be getting those dlc

Donnieboi1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I sense a greed power reading of over 9000!

cloud4951745d ago

Yeah who expected anything else from capcom. :p
I won't buy the DLC either, most DLC aren't worth the price but I'll definitely check out the game.

DarkBlood1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

this will just drive me to plat the game sooner before those dlc trophies add onto the list making it impossible to get it unless i shelled out

cloud4951745d ago

You don't need to get DLC trophies to get the plat. Just need DLC trophies to get 100%.

LAWSON721744d ago

This game was awesome on 3ds, judging on 3ds demo, but $50 for a year old port