This is the monster PC that ran the Battlefield 4 demo

DICE reveals a photo of the monster PC that ran the Battlefield 4 demo. It featured 4 GPUs and a massive 12 GB of video memory.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

How is it a waste? Should I get a console to run bf4 3k 60fps?

I think it's a privilage to be able to experience ps5 resolution and frame rate in the end of ps3 era.

But then again you may have a point since most games won't push pc that hard.

A sony/xbox game can't experience this till say 2022?

can't wait for ddr4 & gddr6 next year! Should be interesting.

I can't wait for the new consoles but if bf4 is 30fps like killzone then I will laugh and buy infamous since u know.. Controllers and shooter are not good for me anyway(I need to check both side a room in less than 1.8 sec and usually that's 4 secs on console). It's like playing under water.

2pacalypsenow1591d ago

Show me a 3480 x 2400 pixels monitor plz?? that can be bought by normal gamers . Not the 1% if not it doesn't matter

rajman1591d ago

oh god, you just had to start a pc vs console war didnt you

just_jeff1591d ago


Dude, calm down. You ripped into consoles for no reason. He just said "waste of money" Did he say "waste of money, get a PS4"? Get that chip off of your shoulder he wasn't attacking PC's.

back to the topic at hand, isn't it a waste of money tho?

it was unoptimized code so they had to go balls out to make sure their unoptimized code would run smoothly. I'm sure when it's optimized you wont need 2x7990's and 12GB of GDDR5. I'm sure you'll be able to run the game with just 1x7990 and 4GB of GDDR5 RAM.

vulcanproject1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

This PC is designed to run unoptimised pre alpha code with less than optimised driver revisions at some uber resolutions to impress everybody as much as possible. To that end, it needs to be an absolute beast.

The game won't need this sort of machine to run well, because nobody designs even PC games that won't run well on a decent array of current machines.

The game will no doubt take advantage of high end gear, but considering that Battlefield 3 was actually rather well optimised I would expect no less from this new game.

See DICE really built the game well for PC. You could run BF3 on old hardware like the Geforce 8800/9800 series and it looked good. 8800GTX comfortably managed 1080p on mix of low/medium and all low = console according to DICE which also only ran the game at 1280 x 704.

You could run it on top end stuff @ 1080p and ultra with MSAA and it ran great. In other words top end hardware didn't actually struggle with BF3 at the time, they ran it easily and it still looked superb. Still does.

I don't see why BF4 will be any different.

HammadTheBeast1591d ago

The only thing I'm going to say is... lol at the few PC gamers (note few) who were ripping on Killzone 4 for not having Graphics as good as BF4's, while comparing PS4 to this.

ReubenPatrick1591d ago

He was saying that a PC like that would be a bit of an overkill to be honest.

SegataSanshiro1591d ago

I have never heard of Dance Dance Revolution 4

djthechamp241591d ago

dude its just a video game get a life and stop talkin shit about playing video games on a PC

MaxXAttaxX1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

It only served for exhibition purposes, but it IS a waste of money for a gamer when NO game is developed and optimized to run at those specs. Do you realize how much money this set-up costs??
So you can keep pretending that you'll be able to play your imaginary PS5 quality games today.

Why don't you guys quit pretending that PC gaming automatically means graphics and performance leaps and bounds over PS4 as if every PC gamer has a PC of the highest-end, because in reality they're the minority.

ExCest1591d ago


Well, there are other things that use that much power. And btw, Metro 2033 can't run at maximum on a 680 so this rig might be the only setup that can.

Also, imaginary PS5 is imaginary.

darren_poolies1591d ago

"I need to check both side a room in less than 1.8 sec and usually that's 4 secs on console."

Ritsujun1590d ago

Waste of resources. They don't even have talented developers to ultilize those wasted power.

gedapeleda1590d ago

Why do you think it's an unoptimized code?
It's the same engine bf3 runs on with more bells and whistles.

robleroy1590d ago

This setup a about at least $4000 only!!!! (not counting the OS license and other things (gamekeyboard etc etc)

Wauw . Thats really cheap!!!

FlyingFoxy1590d ago

Nothing will run it 3k 60fps constant, have you seen people running just 2 monitors with 2 graphics cards? some of the games have pitiful framerates as low as 20-30.

if you want 60fps almost constantly you need 1080p, or 120fps for those who own a 120hz monitor. You will not achieve a playable framerate with 2-3 monitors any time in the near future, 1080p is the sweet spot and will be for a very long time, at least until graphics cards have a huge jump in performance. That likely won't happen as it's always something like a 20%-30% increase every major card release.

stragomccloud1590d ago


How is he ripping into consoles?
He is just stating facts about upcoming technologies.

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KwietStorm1591d ago

It served its purpose. Therefore, it's not a waste of money. This isn't Joe down the block's gaming rig.

steve30x1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Its not joe down the blocks gaming rig. Its a gaming rig for the person who has too much money. I have a good gaming rig that runs all current games with maximum settings and it only cost a third of what that thing costs.

Two 7990's arent needed for gaming , a Core I7 is overkill. I have a CoreI5 760 , 8GB DDR3 ram and a GTX680 and I optomised windows to use as little resources as possible.

That computer is a complete waste of money for gaming. It is more suited for video rendering or games development or other stuff most gamers wont use it for.

KwietStorm1590d ago


So you don't get it either? This is not a gaming rig lol hence why I said it served its purpose. It had a purpose, and it has been served. It is a show off piece of equipment. And a Core i7 is not overkill.

steve30x1589d ago

You cant make up your mind can you? First you said its joe down the roads gaming rig and then you say its not. Also anybody with knowledge of gaming would tell you that a Core I7 is overkill. A core I5 is perfect because there isn't any games out yet that will use more than 4 cores of a CPU where a core I7 is 4 cores with 8 threads and a game only uses 4 of those threads or 4 cores. Its a waste.

KwietStorm1589d ago


May want to re-read what I said. This *isn't* Joe down the block's rig. I would think that was obvious, given the context of my whole point. Are we done with this?

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StraightPath1591d ago

Dont tell me a pc gamer would spend so much money to run one game..waste of money.

Coach_McGuirk1591d ago

Morty: "How could you spend two hundred dollars on a tip calculator?!"
Jerry: "It does other things!"

tubers1590d ago

Because a high end PC only plays one new game.

Fanfuckingtastic logic!

solar1591d ago

But who are you to tell anyone what is a waste of money? I love tech, and it's my hobby to build gaming PC's. If I think it's worth it is it really a "waste of money " if i find happiness doing something i love?

Do you need all that? Of course not. But if you have the money what's the harm? I have yet to get an answer to that question.

hiredhelp1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Well said solar I feel same way been building rigs for going on decade it's endless so is the price. But there's a huge community out there that many n4gs may not realise modders and enthusiasts.
It's a passion hobby lifestyle we enjoy? It also doesn't have to cost the earth like that's shown in the article but it can be easy to go crazy.

tubers1590d ago

If a lot of people here think this amount is ridiculous for a hobby, they're in for a rude awakening for other hobbies..

clue: VROOOMM!!!!

GDDR6_20141590d ago

I agree and I've never spent more than 1000 on a rig, people that can spend 4000, good for you. People spend a lot more than that on other hobbies or vacations

The_Infected1591d ago

Just think the game will probably not look close as good as what they showed it running on for 98% of all gamers.

DeadIIIRed1591d ago

No, but PC trolls will refer us to these videos when the new consoles do come out and lie about a $500 rig being able to "max" it out

_QQ_1590d ago

It won't max it out but will look better than consoles..

The_Infected1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )