GameSpot reviews Frontlines: Fuel of War

The danger of driving a tank into battle is that if you get out to pee, your enemy might drive off with it. THQ and Kaos Studios (who, as Trauma Studios, were responsible for the popular Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1942 and collaborated with DICE on Battlefield 2) know this, because they essentially jumped into EA's Battlefield franchise when no one was looking and renamed it Frontlines: Fuel of War. Although this tactic wasn't particularly creative, in a console generation that hasn't seen many Battlefield-type games, the outcome is a refreshing return to large-scale combat. With some wonky physics and a weak single-player campaign, Frontlines doesn't beat Battlefield at its own game, but at least someone is giving us the chance to run over people with tanks, borrowed or not.

The Good
* Interesting battle-lines model
* Fun special abilities
* You get to run over people with tanks.

The Bad
* You've probably played a game just like this before
* The physics are crazy
* The single-player campaign is not crazy enough.

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dukegodtezza3657d ago

the single player is awesome and its crazy and the ragdoll effect are fun to watch