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Submitted by Raiz 1032d ago | opinion piece

Batman: Arkham Origins vs Arkham City Screens Comparison, Can WB Montreal Take Forward The Legacy?

Yesterday Warner Bros announced "Batman: Arkham Origins" (next installment in Batman Arkham video-game franchise) for current generation consoles and Wii U. Fans of the series were bit disappointed with the announcement, as many of them were expecting Batman: Arkham Origins to arrive on next-generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox 720).

Not only this, fans were also disappointed with the change in development hands for Batman: Arkham Origins from "Rocksteady to WB Games Montreal". Does WB Games Montreal has the potential to carry forward the legacy of Batman Arkham series and Rocksteady? (Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

ded1020  +   1032d ago
I hope the Rocksteady Superman rumor is true. WHen was the last superman game anyway? (where he's solo/lead, of course)
aLucidMind  +   1032d ago
Let's hope it's actually a good one this time, if the rumor winds up true.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1031d ago
Batman is too armored up.
Character models were already bulky enough as they were.
Remember how inexplicably buff Commissioner Gordon looked? http://www.comicbookmovie.c...

Other than that, I'm still excited about it. Hopefully it's as good or better than the previous two games.
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gninja92  +   1028d ago
how was arkham city not better than asylum? why do ppl hate on it so much. more gadgets. longer story. more side missions, more upgrades to gadgets. better combat system. longer story. a better final ending twist. a better " who's really in charge of arkham" twist. ,
a love interest twist,

so how is asylum better why more face time with poison ivy. so you can jack your beef to her?
omi25p  +   1032d ago
I think the last superman game was when the last movie came out.

I think there is definitely a superman game in development to coincide with the movie.

Batman Arkham Asylum released around that same time as the Dark knight. So to me it would make sense for WB and DC to want to capitalize off of the movie with a game.

Hopefully its of the same quality that the Batman games are.
1nsaint  +   1031d ago
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Munnkyman  +   1031d ago
Superman 64 was the best game ever( im so just kidding)
whamlollypop7  +   1032d ago
I don't think the origins pics are screen shots, that and you know it should look better being on the next gen. Using the new unreal engine I assume.
delicia  +   1032d ago
It's PS3, 360 and WiiU. Looks good enough to me. It also uses UE3 I believe.
Deku-Johnny  +   1032d ago
I have every faith in WB Montreal. They did a great job with Arkham City Armoured Edition, even though that was pretty much just a port it gave them experience with the franchise and they've seen how to make an Arkham game.
jakmckratos  +   1032d ago
Eh I wanna be optimistic but given Halo 4 and Sly 4 were both less adventurous than their previous devs I am gonna be a skeptic until the day that game comes out. I can't really think of a series that changed hands and ended up being better than it's predecessors.
jc48573  +   1032d ago
my only problem is that they've changed the look of the characters. It's WB Montreal style and less Rocksteady style. If you pay close attention to the screenshots, you will see what I mean. Even Penguin looks different.
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cyntell  +   1032d ago
Why!! Why the heck does this have to be a prequel? The look of Batman just says otherwise. His suit should look older, not newer to the Arkham games. I'm not saying go all Adam West but at least keep it realistic. Hell I am embarrassed to play the last two, now that he looks bad ass in the past. Sigh!! Going to preorder now.
Root  +   1032d ago
And he has a new grappling hook....i mean where was that in Arkham City lol
delicia  +   1032d ago
Yeah, that's my problem with prequels. Suddenly, Batman has a new gadget, so why can't he use it (or a better version of it) when he's older?
Root  +   1032d ago
Prequels always do that, its why I hate them. Even his suit looks upgraded. Everything should be down graded, they did this well in MGS 3 nothing in that game was better then what you got in future games.

People make it seem though that this game will be a long time in the past but lookinh at it.....I'd say two years back...4 tops
RedDeadLB  +   1031d ago
Well perhaps the younger batman had a more armor plated suit which slowed him down (but was also of more use with the best assassins of the world out to get him) and the "newer" suit from Arkham Asylum/City is part of his idea to compensate armor for flexibility? It's all just a matter of perspective :D

Even the grappling hook could be interpreted as too dangerous or life threatening so that's why he discarded it. Let your mind fill in the gaps :)

There have to be new additions to gameplay to keep the game fresh. You can't dumb the game down significantly because it's a prequel. You'd get a pretty shitty game.
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rocky047586  +   1031d ago
You said exactly what I was going to say. Just because something works better or looks better in one context doesn't mean that it would work in another context. You perfectly hit the nail on the head by saying that yes, his armored suit does look more "new", but is that something he truly needs other than on this night? Of course not. It probably slowed him down and he needed it for the extra protection. Same thing with the new weaponry he has too; it probably occurred to him that he didn't need it later on down the line because it wasn't the proper way to handle situations at that point. I really like what you had to say man, it makes perfect sense.
cyntell  +   1031d ago
Would be pretty cool if he mentions that fighting deathstroke. I can't wait to see some of the villains lined up for this one. Come on Red Hood.

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