How Dead Island Helped Deep Silver Become “Better” Than EA, Activision & Ubisoft

The Married Gamers staff writer, Addam Kearney, writes why he feels Dead Island and Deep Silver's way of doing business has made it a "better" company than EA, Activision and Ubisoft.

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Fire5251082072d ago

While I can agree with the sentiment of the article in regards to B grade games, I don't feel Dead Island was the polished game it's made out to be. It was released as a pretty buggy game, with one major issue in a cut scene that cropped up on every system.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2072d ago

It's still less buggy than Skyrim.

Baka-akaB2072d ago

It's far more buggy than skyrim without even a quarter of its scope and quality

FlyingFoxy2072d ago

Dead Island's got nothing on Left 4 Dead, or Killing Floor in the fun department.

The game has bad collission detection, you slide off stuff you jump on, the game's camera swaying is sickly, too much bloom. I could go on, this is the only game i can't play for more than about 20 minutes before i start feeling sickly.

Badly made crap that i wish i could sell, but i can't because it's stuck on my steam list.. from now on i only stick with developers that know how to make good games.

TopDudeMan2072d ago

Are you kidding? The online multiplayer was near unplayable for months after release. Buggy is an understatement.

KwietStorm2072d ago

Polish and Dead Island don't even belong in the same country. If you played co-op with friends, you could look passed some of the bugs, but even then so many design decisions were glaringly present.

Neko_Mega2072d ago

Better then EA, maybe. But the others? I wouldn't push it.

kostchtchie_2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

good fun solid game after they fixed the save character issue, loved the mods PC version had also

Number-Nine2072d ago

this game was buggy as all hell, generic character models, horrible animations, terrible audio design, etc, etc...

ScytheX32072d ago

not to mention RETARDED AS F leveling up system, after first run made doing and 2nd, 3rd etc playthrough with an already leveled up character useless, 3/4 of the games missions did nothing to help level up wasnt until very last few missions that actually helped gained decent xp.