Natural Selection 2: Gaming Evolution in Action?

Planet Ivy: Consider the excellent Natural Selection 2. It is essentially 10-year-old me’s dream come true. Developer Unknown Worlds has spliced the two hitherto distinct RTS and FPS genres to create a refreshing synergy. Marines battle aliens in cramped, paranoia-inducing space stations, the asymmetrical species each charged with destroying their opponents’ respectively shiny or slimy infrastructures. The twist is just how large a role the commanders, who represent the RTS side of things, play in their teams’ FPS experiences.

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moviewatcher1840d ago

NS2 really is a fantastic game

jimmyofages1840d ago

Yep, one of the best games I've played in some time. Awesome AI

appleandroid1839d ago

Hasn't really got the acclaim it deserves I've found...none of my friends even play it

jimmyofages1839d ago

It's strange and ballistic how gaming has evolved since Pong

appleandroid1839d ago

And yet Pong is more playable then half the games out there, FPS clones etc, today..