Gaming Voyeurism: Why Watch Other People Play?

Planet Ivy: I feel like I start every opinion by referring to ‘the day’ and how, back then, things were simpler and everything since has been bastardised. Well, in the halcyon époque of gaming, if anyone was lucky enough to have a NES or Master System then they could be pretty sure of having a gaggle of friends to crowd around it. There was no online gaming, no headset and no community beyond the couch. The console vs PC war fought one of its first battles over this social aspect. PC gamers were making a primary foray into high latency online competition whilst the console crowd cruelly boasted that having mates round to play was less geeky and loserish.

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moviewatcher2075d ago

When I hear about people making a living off this, that's crazy (I'm jealous)

jimmyofages2075d ago

Yeah, damn dream job-this is mainly in the far east though

appleandroid2075d ago

It's declined a bit recently and is off national TV now. But the fact that it was on national TV is crazy.

Mikeyy2075d ago

SC2 not doing that well in South Korea anymore?

appleandroid2075d ago

It's all possible, just spend more time playing games ;)

jimmyofages2075d ago

I play a lot, but I've never felt the urge to watch others. Ever.

appleandroid2075d ago

It's strangely addictive-and sometimes they are so good it is like they're playing a different game to the rest of us, masters of a trade

Bladesfist2075d ago

I only really watch people play pro Starcraft 2 as it gives me all kind of ideas to try and implement into my play. Although I still fail. Forever bronze.

Mikeyy2075d ago

Same here but im a gold player, though I feel silver.

I just get lazy mid match, my early game is rock solid, but midmatch my macro is non existant. I forget to expand im more focused on my army as I like to lead there every footstep, all while my SCVs are just standing there, out of minerals.

LMAO, I fail at SC2, I still need to get HOtS.

sfalexl212075d ago

I equate watching other gamers to watching professional sports; it is the best way to pick up a game. Just as you can learn how to run a pick and roll in basketball, you can learn proper flanking techniques in a shooter. The more exposure that live video games get, the better we will all become.

CaptainYesterday2075d ago

I usually only watch someone playing on or YouTube if its a game or some DLC I'm interested in buying. I don't really understand why some streamers have a webcam on them while they play a mic is fine but a webcam seems strange to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.