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You may remember the Motocross Madness series from the late '90s when it first appeared on the PC. Now, many years later Microsoft is releasing a reboot of sorts in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade avatar-based racing game that is bursting with charm and personality. If you have a soft spot for your cutesy Xbox Live persona and an affinity toward two-wheel racing games, Motocross Madness for XBLA is most certainly worth checking out.

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TrendyGamers1953d ago

Might have to check the demo out.

alexcosborn1953d ago

You most certainly should!

ftwrthtx1953d ago

That looks and sounds like fun

dbjj120881953d ago

My avatar will be doing backflips in no time.

knifefight1953d ago

Makes me pine for Road Rash.

1952d ago
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