Company of Heroes 2 Multiplayer Preview | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "Perhaps the stand-out feature of the game is the weather conditions, and these greatly impact play, in more ways than one. There's ice rivers that can be damaged and will crack - potentially sending vehicles into deadly water, and deep snow that can slow troop movement to a crawl. It means managing your units carefully as they navigate the maps, making sure they take the optimum route to their destination.

Then there are the blizzards. On certain, snow-white maps, play is interrupted by game changing storms that can halt an army in its tracks. Troops stranded out in the cold can freeze and die, and must be positioned near fires or in buildings to ensure survival. On more than one occasion whole attacks were stopped by the blistering winds and the decreased visibility that comes with them, with both sides waiting for the weather to change before proceeding. It creates interesting stand-offs, and brave wind-swept land grabs as players push through the deadly cold to take control of the various capture points that grant potentially game winning points boosts."

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