EA Sports unleashes debut Madden NFL 25 screenshot - looks slick?

El33tonline writes:

"The next entry to the massively popular Madden series of American Football games is only due out on August 27th, but EA Sports has proudly unleashed the very first screenshot for the game to give franchise fans a peek at what’s to come…"

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adonisisfree1711d ago

looks exactly the same as last years game..

Sub-Zero851711d ago

Looks the same to me , I'm a huge sports fan but I haven't played Madden since Madden 10' ..... Madden has been the same for the longest , I'm still waiting on 2K sports to start back making NFL 2K

NerfHerder1711d ago

25 years of milking the cash cow.

AzaziL1711d ago

"This year’s game will push the boundaries with gameplay and feature innovations that will lay a very strong foundation for the next 25 years of this storied franchise.”

Well at least we know to keep expectations low for a few decades.

Yodagamer1711d ago

I really haven't enjoyed a football sim since nfl 2k5. It's a shame really :/

nevin11711d ago

Thats funny because the last madden game i enjoyed was 2004. 2K5 was the last solid football game.

Sports games as a whole sucked this gen imo.

Yodagamer1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

The only sport games i have enjoyed this gen would be nba jam, one of those baseball games sony makes, and nfl blitz even if they did take out late hits :/

AzaziL1711d ago

2k still makes a solid basketball game, just look at what happened to NBA Live. That would've been Madden if EA didn't buyout the NFL license.

Indo1711d ago

I had high hopes for Madden 25.

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