The Analog Shtick -- Review: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon — Not Unlike Its Protagonist

With Mario stepping to the side for what Nintendo is calling “The year of Luigi”, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is — in theory — the perfect opening for everyone’s favorite green-wearing underdog. With its predecessor being such a beloved cult classic, could a portable rendition with a significant amount of both gameplay and progression changes do anything for fans of the GameCube launch title?

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Venox20081782d ago

sorry but game is awesome

TheAnalogShtick1782d ago

I wish I could agree. I started off optimistic, but after the first mansion I felt like I was playing the same game over and over again with slightly different elements. You are fully entitled to your opinion though. I honestly wish I shared it. It was my second most anticipated game of the year. -Ben Textor

Venox20081782d ago

yea, to each its own.. maybe you had too big expectations, no one can blame you for that :) anyway I still think that this low score should be gotten for a broken game or a game that is so bad that anyone would just stop playing and never tried again, but game itself is nicely done (3D, Visuals, story not bad, boses are good), but yes, we are having differend opinions and thats alright :)