Why the new Xbox and PS4 are key to Now TV success

The recent announcement of Sky's pay-per-view Now TV last year was intriguing on a number of ways. With the new Xbox on the horizon and the PS4 already announced, Creasey is hoping that gamers everywhere will now be looking to Now TV.

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GalacticEmpire2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

All the media streaming services will need a place on both devices if they wish to succeed. Both consoles will have plenty of media apps and entertainment services but securing exclusive content will probably be extremely difficult/expensive unless they own it i.e. Sony Pictures, Sony Records.

1nsaint2073d ago

No thanks, ill stick to torrents if i wanna watch a movie

maniacmayhem2073d ago

Indeed sir, but I don't mind another "right now" option.

cee7732073d ago

ha torrents is the easiest way to get caught lol

nukeitall2073d ago

The vast majority eventually lands on Netflix, which is what I use. No need to pirate and do illegal things.

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stage882073d ago

XBMC all the way!

I have no use for other streaming services.

Software_Lover2073d ago

But I thought it was going "casual", wtf does that mean, to worry about media services on a gaming console?

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