KKEnt’s Thought on Gamers Against

Kuma Wrote: How does it make you feel to go on the path of bigotry? You would think after all these years of the racism, sexism and other ism’s. We has humans would of learned from our past and leave it all behind, but as new media comes around; people find a way to bring the old ways back. It is true that since the internet came around, many people have gained a new sense of bravery by throwing out their sense of decorum. If you played any online title that consist of first person Shooter, Massive Multi-player Online or fighting game; the language of the bigots is fluent. From all the famous slurs to the most harsh is being spit out by all and the worst part is when you catch those few kids that play online following right behind the adults and getting praise for it. That’s when you know gaming community has hit an all-time low and why other people think so ill of us. In the beginning of this year I wanted to form a crew to counter those select few that want to be the bullies of the inter-web. However I am happy to say that someone has made a group to tackle the opposition.
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