IGN AU: Army of Two Review

Closing comments from the review by IGN AU's Cam Shea:

"Army of Two really doesn't get much right. The concepts that we were most excited about turned out to be all glitz, no substance, while even the core elements – the settings, the level design, the basic act of shooting your fellow man, left us cold. Not only that, but the dev team has taken a short game and stretched it to breaking point. I believe 'artificially protracted shoot-outs' is the expression I'm looking for. You're either trying to take out some guy hiding behind a sandbag a hundred metres away or the game is throwing wave after wave of enemies at you. Either way it's dull. It's also worth reiterating again that co-op is really the only way to play this game – whether online or splitscreen. The game may not have many redeeming features, but at least with a friend you can laugh together at the AI or attempt to make your own fun. Army of Two isn't terrible, but we're hard pressed to find a decent reason to recommend it."

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