2 reasons why the Wii U is doomed

mii-gamer writes:

The general perception of the Wii U is currently terrible. Wii U sales numbers during the Launch window are abysmal. The software draughts are terrible. The Wii U is in a bad position. It is only been 6 months since the launch, there is absolutely no way that the Wii U can make a comeback. You know what this means. The Wii U is doomed. There is no other way to put it. Everyone else is writing off the Wii U. So it must be true. So here are my two reasons why the Wii U is doomed.

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insomnium22073d ago

Me too.

This part caught my attention:

"It is too soon declare the Wii U is doomed. The media is jumping the gun to quickly."

This is like dejavu from the early PS3 days except back then there were absolutely noone who dared to defend the PS3 with an article like this.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2073d ago

I really must rethink my stance with Nintendo.

This Guy drops Knowledge-Bombs w/ a side of Mushrooms!


kirbyu2073d ago

I hate how I can never tell if an article is being serious or not. Hopefully this one is another joke one.

Reverent2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Reason 1: Cuz Michael Pachturd says so.

Reason 2: The gaming media is very smart.

While it might seem like a joke article at glance, the guy gives some really great (clever and funny also) points. I used to be a Nintendo-Only gamer, and I still have a lot of love for them, but they really need to step up their game. They really should have waited to release the Wii U with upgraded specs along side the releases of the PS4 and Nextbox.

kneon2073d ago

I think they would've been better off had they launched a year earlier rather than trying to go head with the ps4 and But I guess Wii sales going off a cliff caught them by surprise.

Elem1872073d ago

You are cray cray if you think Nintendo should just be a third wheel...> The only reason their console is worth the purchase because of the unique content you can only get on their system.... have you played any Nintendo games lately? They don't exactly need beefier specs to make the game look good. Most of that power would have just sat their idle. And if you think extra horsepower would have drew in 3rd party devs, you are again, crazy.

Nintendo built this box based on what EAD Tokyo was working on these last 4 years (probably 3D Mario) to the exact specification to run this game... (same deal with the wii. Mario Galaxy was the game they designed the system completely around)

I still don't see why people want a third console with an identical library. We already have two systems that pretty much have 95% of the same library... I personally don't see the draw of the xbox/playstation when I can play all of those multiplats on my PC that would crap on the ps360/ps4 versions. Why would someone limit themselves playing multiplats?

1upgamer992073d ago

It had to be a Joke. Did you see all of Patcher's stupid predictions that FAILED EPICALLY! LOL at that D-Bag. Also this article was right about Microsoft/PS4 launch, stating The cycle will begin again.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2073d ago

The article was satire & sarcasm against people who keep calling for the death of WiiU.

But don't hate yourself for not being able to tell the difference- some of the serious article are just as asinine as the author's satire-reasoning used to write this article.

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The story is too old to be commented.