Destiny: Bungie Opens The Floodgates On Its ‘Shared World Shooter’

X360: Destiny is possibly the most ambitious game currently in development. We caught up with Bungie’s Joseph Staten to talk scope, multiplayer, next-gen and the importance of the player.

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1928d ago
Dailynch1928d ago

It all sounds really impressive, I just wish they could show more than 2 seconds of gameplay!

MariaHelFutura1928d ago

I was a pretty good 2 seconds though. I really want to hear more about this,

eyeDEVOUR1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Being a big fan of MAG I'm getting interested in this game.... I did enjoy playing the first Halo on a LAN line while I was stationed in Kuwait, but it wasnt enough to keep me from going back to Socom2 online once i got back to the states....

Monkeysmarts1928d ago

What is that even supposed to mean... F2P is just an alternative business model to full priced games. It looks like Halo meets Borderlands and they had an MMO baby named Destiny.

So much cynicism these days.

Tultras1928d ago

Lol, why are you getting so worked up, he just said it looks like a f2p game. o.O

Monkeysmarts1927d ago

I'm not getting worked up, it's not that serious. I just don't get how it "looks F2P." Is that supposed to be some kind of insinuation that it looks cheap?

poopsack1928d ago

Looks like trolling to me

starchild1928d ago

Sounds incredible to be honest. I really hope they bring Destiny to PC. If not I will probably get the PS4 version.

BanBrother1928d ago

I'm getting the PS4 version definitely. Exclusive content ftw!

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The story is too old to be commented.