Why Bioshock Infinite is the Best Doctor Who Story Ever Written

Find out why Bioshock Infinite is the best Doctor Who adventure The Doctor will never go on!

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kyon1471836d ago

Dr Who and Bioshock Infinite could be interesting combination XD

Picnic1836d ago

The article's right. That must be why it doesn't bowl me over as much as the first Bioshock game. I hate Doctor Who.

Kurt Russell1836d ago

The game hasn't bowled me over as much as I expected (having loved the previous) either :(

I am glad there is someone else out there feeling the same :)

cleft51836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

yeah... it's not that great. Great story, but the gameplay is generic and the Vigors are great but it cost too much to upgrade them and the guns. This means you concentrate on like two Vigors to the exclusion of others.

digitaleraser1836d ago

You mean if "Blink" wasn't already the best Doctor Who story ever written, with time travel that actually made sense to boot?

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