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Did Ken Levine pull off a Molyneux with BioShock Infinite?

The gaming industry is blessed with brilliant minds that continue to deliver great experiences to the consumers. Ken Levine and Peter Molyneux are just two of them. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

hennessey86  +   753d ago
No because infinite lived up to its expectations in every way
kneon  +   753d ago
It failed to live up to the claims they were making when the game was announced of having the best AI
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grailly  +   753d ago
interaction with NPCs is also very limited. it really only boils down to: shoot/ don't shoot. and most of the time you'll shoot if you want more loot.

edit: this video explains it very well: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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joab777  +   753d ago
They were talking about Elizabeth and she is easily one of the best AI of all time. Also, aside from the AI in Killzone 2, I havnt really ever played an fps in which u cannot learn a pattern. In Infinite, atleast, the AI many times does react differently if u reload a checkpoint. Yes, it is far from perfect but cmon? As far as early builds we saw, they were just that...early builds. I can live without the horse tear.
kneon  +   753d ago
Elizabeth doesn't really do anything other than hide when you're not moving, follow you when you are, and on occasion throw you some supplies when you are low.
pupunoob  +   753d ago
No it did not. The AI was piss poor. Elizabeth was suppose to be this dynamic character but all she does is throw healing items and ammo. When she runs into a room filled with enemies without Booker they just stand there as if she doesn't exist. Very disappointing but Levine knew he could get away with it.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   753d ago
It's a great game, but completely overrated in my opinion.
All of the 10/10s and "masterpieces" it's been getting are way off. I'm finding the combat to be the weakest part of the game. Although I haven't completed it yet and I've heard the ending makes it a whole lot better (please don't ruin anything in the comments people).
So far i would give it an 8/10, great game but nowhere near the awesomeness of Rapture.
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OlgerO  +   753d ago
I agree, I really enjoyed the game but think that an 8.5 or 9 would better reflect it.
darren_poolies  +   753d ago
I'd personally give it a 9.5 and do think it is one of the best games of the generation (I wasn't a fan of the first Bioshock) but I see where you're coming from and respect what you're saying. Hope you like the ending, it gives everything so much more clarity and will make you want to play through it again!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   753d ago
Shhh! don't tell me anymore! lol
It just seems that the reviewers haven't taken into account any of the games flaws. An trust me it has its flaws. I just haven't seen or fought anything as iconic as Big Daddy either.
Also where are the boss battles?
Anyway if you enjoyed it and think it's one of the best games this gen then that's cool. We all have different opinions.
How can you not like the original Bioshock though! you crazy! lol
darren_poolies  +   753d ago

There are like three sorta boss battles if I remember correctly (don't want to name them incase you haven't got there yet).

About the original Bioshock, I don't know haha I just couldn't get into it. I could never see what all the buzz was about, I was never very interested in Rapture or invested in the story. It's kinda hard to explain but yeah I just didn't like it. Enjoy! :)
pupunoob  +   753d ago
If this wasn't a Bioshock game and did not have Levine's name behind it. It'll be more scrutinized.
Inception  +   753d ago
It's absolutely a great game (8.7 in my book), but for me Bioshock 1 still the best Bioshock. My main complain for Infinite are the boss. They...don't have the same impact like Bioshock 1 bosses. But not just the boss, enemies like Handyman or Machinized Patriot are not on the same level with Big Daddy. I don't feel any psychological emotion when fighting them. They just feel...flat.
darren_poolies  +   753d ago
I don't think that the Handymen or Machinized Patriot were meant to be replacements for the Big Daddy. I feel that if they attempted to have a replacement for the Big Daddy, it would be forced into the story and criticized no matter what.
ThichQuangDuck  +   753d ago
Please for me get off of N4G you truly never know when you are seeing spoilers and it is not worth risking. I took a N4G vacation during my nearly 25 hour playthrough of 1999 mode for the first time. I agree the combat leaves something to be desired after first concept of elizabeth bringing in storms,but hey DLC
joab777  +   753d ago
I guess I disagree because i love the vigors, tears etc. that u can use in an fps. Most fps are so simple in combat and this isn't. If u look at 10 different games, u will find 10 different playthroughs. On the fly, u hav to consider what to use. I do wish elizabeth had the power to see what was coming. She warns u and u can set up traps etc. Maybe there are enemy types she can't see. But I love the combat too because, like bioshock I can go back through and try different things. It was a little better in bioshock because u couldn't purchase them all...Anyway, Bioshock is my favorite game from this gen but they did a hell of a job giving us something almost as good (better in many ways).
Dfooster  +   753d ago
Story wise it's a benchmark for gaming in many ways and will be remembered and referenced for years to come but gameplay wise it was only slightly above average. I enjoyed it but saying its the best game this gen is going a bit far. I was wowed by the ending but It didn't put me through every emotion like the mass effect series did.
cleft5  +   753d ago
Couldn't agree more with you. Of course, right now people have their blinders on and don't want to hear anything negative about the game. Fact is that most people played this game on normal, which is a joke. I played it on hard, so I know how generic the combat can get and how the difficulty is based on them throwing hordes of dudes at you as oppose to smart AI.
CalvinKlein  +   753d ago
thats the problem tho. THey throw hoards of enemies with good ai at you.

My first playthrough was on hard and am playing 1999 mode now. Im sure its meant to be that way. I love bioshock tho because you can get better each time you restart a fight until its is easy.

I already know how to finish the last fight fairly easy so im not to worried, just the ghost part has me nervous.

The one change id really liked them to make tho was allowing us to carry 4 guns instead of only 2. Bioshock had 8 guns, and many had different ammo types. Infinite allows you to carry only 2. Or at least have us able to carry mroe ammo, im sick of running out of ammo all the time. Not to mention more guns allows you to use more variety in how you play.

I just really like the combat more than most I guess because I use my powers alot and feel that it is one of the games where you can get stuck a bit but keep getting better until you can pass that part easily.
cleft5  +   753d ago
If you look at what was promised in the E3 2011 trailer and than at the product that we ended up with, yes he did. He delivered on story, but totally under sold on gameplay.
lovegames718  +   753d ago
Gameplay was ok and i didnt care much for the mediocre boss battles. The game was good just not 10's good imo. I would rate it a solid 8 and got better towards the middle and end.
Rhezin  +   753d ago

definitely NOT an 8, more like 9 OR 10. Best game I've played this year.

and NO Levine never pulled a Molyneux nor will he ever.
BlackPrince 42  +   753d ago
Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are better in every way than anything Peter Molyneux has ever made.

And nothing Levine hyped is comparable to the "seed to tree" aspect of Fable that Molyneux is most infamous for.
Blacklash93  +   753d ago
The only thing I believe legitimately misled me was the scale of the environments indicated by the E3 demo. That's pretty much it.

But no, this game is actually good. The story and world were brilliant and the gameplay was enjoyable. Not a Molyneux.
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